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Are Willard Romney's Lies a Requirement for Mormonism?

Willard Romney the Liar
Willard Romney the Liar

Most decent human beings would assign lying as one of, if not the, worst traits and offenses a person can commit. Politicians often stretch the truth or embellish facts to portray themselves as something better than they really are, but for the first time in recent memory, a man seeking the highest political office in the land is basing his entire campaign on lies. Willard Romney characterizes himself as a good, honest Mormon and acclaimed private equity guru. He may have created an inordinate amount of wealth for himself and his wealthy elite friends, but as far as being honest, he fails remarkably.

Willard’s lies transcend exaggeration or embellishment and the frequency and potency of his fallacious comments define him as a pathological liar or a “mythomaniac.” A pathological or compulsive liar is the person who lies out of habit because it is their normal and reflexive way of communication and the disorder is so severe in Romney, that speaking the truth is awkward and uncomfortable, while lying just feels right. The literature alludes to liars like Willard Romney as being so used to lying that regardless the consequences; their first response is always a lie.

Romney’s biggest lie concerns his Mormonism that he refers to as a Christian religion, but most scholars agree that not only is Mormonism not Christianity, it is a cult. The secrecy, isolation, and adherence to “latter day saints” automatically disqualifies Mormons from inclusion in the Christian ranks, and even though Mormons recognize Christ as one of god’s myriad sons, they are closer to Muslims than Christians. One would imagine that the one aspect of a person’s life they would not lie about, it is their religion, but maybe Mormons condone or encourage Romney’s lies if it gets a Mormon in the White House.

The lie Willard cannot let go of is that under the Obama Administration, the economy is worse today than on inauguration day in 2009. When President Obama took office, the economy was hemorrhaging three-quarters of a million jobs each month and the economic growth was nil. Just the President’s stimulus alone created between 3 and 3.3 million jobs and the auto bailout created 170,00 jobs after Chrysler and GM emerged from bankruptcy. The jobs picture is not stellar, but there has been steady growth and the economy is growing at 2.3% so Willard’s mainstay on the campaign trail is a lie.

What is curious about Romney’s penchant for lying is that everything he says is easily debunked, and thus far, he fails miserably every time he opens his mouth. It is possible that there is a secret requirement in the Mormon cult that candidates for president are required to lie often and egregiously, but like all cults, Mormons are very secretive so if there is some secret voodoo temple rite anointing liars, no-one can really know for sure. If Willard is any indication, Mormons are also extremely dishonest, and greedy, and mean-spirited sycophants who have no compunction about cutting social safety nets and education to pay for $10.7 trillion in tax cuts for other wealthy elites. Time will tell if Willard has the ability for veracity, but at this stage in the campaign, Romney has proven himself to be a rank liar, hypocrite, and absolutely not a Christian.


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