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Serve Him
Serve Him
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Leviticus 6:12 - 7:10
The Third Book of the Torah, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called.”
This weeks reading is, “Tzav,” “Command”

Today we begin reading of GOD telling Moses/Moshe speaking of the offering Aaron and his descendants must bring from the day they are installed as priest.

They are to bring specific meal offerings, baked as many wafers, burnt completely, half in the morning the other half in the evening, as a daily meal offering unto GOD.

HE continues to speak of the law of the sin offering, how it must be slaughtered before HIM, in the same place as the burnt offering.

This is an offering from which the priest may eat. They are to do so in the enclosure of the Communion Tent for it is a holy place.

Any food touching this sin offering shall become sanctified, however, if it’s blood splashes on any garment, it must be washed off in a sanctified place.

If it is cooked in a clay pot, the pot must be broken. If cooked in a copper pot, that pot may be boiled and cleaned for re-use.

Any male priest may eat from these meats with exception of offerings which the blood is brought into the Communion Tent to make atonement. This may not be eaten, it must be burned in the fire.

As for the guilt offering, the remaining meat may be eaten by the priest, in a sanctified area, since it is a holy of holies.

The sin offering and the guilt offering have exactly the same laws insofar as they can be given to any priest fit to offer them. Similarly, any priest fit to sacrifice a persons burnt offering can share in the skin of the burnt offering after it is sacrificed.

The unburnt portion of any meal offering, baked or fried, will also be given to the priest fit to offer it. Similarly, any meal offering mixed or dry shall belong equally to all of Aaron’s descendants.

Here we read of GOD’s provision for HIS priest. These are the descendants of Aaron, the high priest of GOD, in service to HIM.

They are not allowed to work or own land or provide for their families, for they are consecrated unto GOD.

The beautiful thing here is GOD has designed instructions to provide for HIS priest so they can be completely focused on serving HIM.

How magnificent is HE to take everything into consideration?

How awesome that HE makes a way for HIS priest so they may serve HIM completely with no other care, no other worry, no other stress to distract them from doing that which they have been instructed and appointed.

Everyday we deal with our own lives.

Everyday we are faced with life’s uncertainties.

Yet everyday we have the assurance that GOD is our provider. HE is Adonai Yireh, the GOD who see’s and provided, the all sufficient GOD.

Do we allow HIM to be GOD in our life, or are we trying to fill that position?

When we come before HIM in prayer, praise and worship, do we do so with focus, with a clear mind?

How can we believe in the GOD of Israel and not present ourselves fit for worship, for praise, for prayer?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum, HERE.

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