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Are we in the end times?

End Times
End Times
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In 2013, we saw a massive amount of events take place that literally rocked the whole world. We saw an extraordinary set of events take place that never has happened before, and some events ocurred that mirrored events in bible times. The question that is being asked by most is, "Are people seeing that these are the end times?" As a society, we have gotten so comfortable, so complacent with our lives that we can't see the coming of the Lord. Many are not ready because they don't want to see how close to the end we really are. They don't want to give up their worldly lifestyle, nor their sin. Surprisingly, a lot of these are Christians. Today, we find that Christians have become succumbed to the same mindset, and the same lifestyle as non-believers. The church is extremely quiet! This should not be. The church should be raising their voices; warning the people to come out of the world, and to come out of their sin because the King is coming! Why is this not happening? Why is the church so quiet? The church is quiet because of their hidden motives. Some have fallen away and have bowed down to the god of Mammon.

In Matthew 24, Jesus told the disciples what to look for so that they would know when He was coming back. What they didn't know at the time was that He wasn't coming back in their life time, but in a life time that would take 2,000+ years; our life time. Jesus spoke the words of His father; a prophecy that was yet to be fulfilled. This is why the scriptures say that ONLY the Father knows the day and hour when Jesus will return because Jesus doesn't know when He is coming back, but He knew the events that would take place leading to His return. We are in that time now!

Jesus gave us many things to watch for so that we would know when the beginning of sorrows has started. Here is a list of those things:

  • There would be earthquakes in various places
  • Nation would rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom
  • Pestilence
  • Famines
  • We would be hated by all nations because of the name Jesus
  • Many false prophets would arise and deceive many
  • Brother shall betray brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death
  • Many will come in His (Jesus') name saying that they are Christ
  • There will be fearful sights and great signs in the heavens
  • They shall persecute you and deliver you to prisons
  • You will see Jerusalem compassed with armies
  • There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars
  • There will be distress of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring

Every single item on this list is being fulfilled at a rapid speed. Earthquake activity has been increasing at an alarming rate. There are earthquakes happening almost everyday and with great magnitude. We have been seeing major earthquakes hit at an 6.0 magnitude and higher.

We have heard rumors of wars, and seen nations rising against other nations with Russia, North Korea, U.S, Ukraine, Syria, Damascus, Israel, and Palestine. Many pestilences are breaking out such as the MERS virus, polio, bird flu, H1N1, bubonic plaque, and many others. Famine is at an increase.

Christians are being persecuted heavily in the Middle East. Those that profess their belief in Jesus are being tortured, murdered, hung, and imprisoned. Christians in the U.S are being attacked for their beliefs. They are being stripped of their right to free speech in being able to express openly their beliefs against homosexuality, and other topics that are found in the Holy Bible. Jesus warned us that we would be hated by all nations. This is happening now! The Antichrist spirit is definitely rising up in these last days!

Many false prophets are arising and deceiving many. Many pastors are teaching the sheep unsound doctrine; spreading a message that is not of the true word of God. God is not pleased with this at all. This is why God told us not to follow man, but instead be led by the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit leads us into ALL truth!

There have been signs in the sun, moon, and stars. We have been seeing more fireballs and comet activity then ever before. We just had a blood moon ocur on the Feast of Passover, April 15th, in which one more will ocur around October 2014, and two more in 2015. We have also had major solar flares ocur in the sun and 25% of the sun had a hole in it back in 2013. There have been a disturbing amount of activity ocurring in the heavens, and it's increasing.

This doesn't began to cover the signs as it relates to our government, and the governments around the world. The bottom line is that we have to open our eyes and see what is going on around us. We have become so comfortable that we cannot see how close Jesus is in returning. Please share this information with your friends and family. Don't be afraid to sound the alarm! We have to warn people of how close things are coming to an end.

If you don't the know Lord, please ask Jesus into your heart. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and to make you new. After you speak these words, Jesus will began to restore your life and you will become a new creature. You will receive salvation and He will adopt you into His family. Please do this now! Don't wait! Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. God bless you all.

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