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Are we ready for a taser drone capable of jolting us with 80,000 volts?

Just as America is beginning to wake up to poor discipline and order in the nation’s police forces, those same forces are becoming even more militarized. They have weapons that can fire a massive number of bullets without control or even any accuracy. Now, they, and anyone else with the money can have a new toy: A drone that can fire taser darts and shock a person with 80,000 volts. According to a March 7 Engadget article, the weapon is called the “Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or "stun copter."

A Black Hornet Nano helicopter is only 1 inch by 4 inches
UK defence imagery Wikimedia commons

A prototype was based on an aerial photography drone called a Tarot Hexacopter. The device is supposed to be operated by a two man team, one who pilots the drone; another who deploys the taser. A camera provides a view of the scene of attack.

The taser can repeat the stunning attack several times with a burst that lasts for about ten seconds. The Engaget article has a video showing a volunteer being given the shock of his life, but with a safer, five second burst of voltage. The volunteer was a healthy, white male intern who was checked out before and after the shock.

Chaotic Moon studios is the Austin, Texas based firm that came up with this problematic new weapon and dubbed it the CUPID drone. According to a March 8 RT News article, the company hopes their new product will “shock the world,” a buzz-statement the public affairs person might want to amend now that the public is aware.

The company is also developing an EMP drone that can send disrupting force to zap the electronics in aircraft, cars or even people’s cell phones. Also in the cards is a drone that could deliver tear gas or mace.

The first problematic issue is whether the company will be allowed to sell the device to private parties for so-called protection against intruders. Imagine what happens when a family member or law enforcement shows up to intrude. The company says,

“The drone can be deployed when an alarm is triggered. It can find a subject and send live video to the owners phone and ask if you want to authorize the subject or detain them. If you detain them, it drops into fully autonomous mode to detain them until police arrive. If need be stunning them with 80,000 volts of electricity to render them incapacitated,”

The second problematic issue is that few, if any police departments can be trusted to not kill or abuse authority with one of those things. The targets can range from unhealthy elderly people, to pregnant women, to children who just happen to be in the area.

Worse, on private property, a taser drone could easily be used in the wrong way. The same goes for private businesses. As a result, bring on the lawmakers, an outraged public, the lawsuits and the police review and oversight commissions.

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