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Are We Exempt

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 34:10 – 35
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Ki Tisa,” “When you take.”

Today’s reading begins again with GOD speaking to Moses/Moshe concerning HIS covenant with the people.

HE will make this covenant and do miracles that have never been brought into existence before in all the World, among any nation. Everyone will see these Fearsome Deeds and know that GOD is responsible.

HE commands Moshe to be “very careful” with what HE is instructing. That HE will drive out the other inhabitants before them.

They are to make no treaty with these people, nor worship their gods.

They must shatter the altars, break down their sacred pillars and cut down their Asherah trees.

HE commands them to not bow down to any other god, for GOD is known as one who demands exclusive worship, HE does indeed demand it.

HE commands them to not make treaties with these people. When these people practice their religion and sacrifice to their gods, they will invite you, you will end up eating their sacrifice, you will end up allowing their daughters to marry your son’s, this will lead your sons to follow their religion.

Again, HE commands them to make no idol.

HE commands them in remembrance again to, keep the Festival of Matzah’s in the month of Nissan, the same month they left Egypt, keep the first born of every womb unto HIM among your livestock as well as your sons…

…to not appear before HIM empty-handed, and again HE reminds them they may work during the six weekdays, but on Saturday, they must stop work, ceasing from all plowing and reaping…

… to keep the Festival of Shavuoth/Shavuot, the first fruits of wheat harvest, and also to keep the Harvest Festival of Sukkot/Tabernacles...

...Three times each year, all of the males must present themselves before GOD, the Master, Lord of Israel. No other nation will envy their borders when they go to be seen in GOD’s presence these three times each year.

HE commands again that they not slaughter the Passover sacrifice with leaven in their possession, and not allow the sacrifice to remain overnight until morning.

GOD then says’ to Moshe, “Write these words down for yourself, since it is through these words that I have made a covenant with you and Israel.”

Moshe remained on the Mountain with GOD for 40days & nights without food or water. GOD wrote the words of the covenant consisting of also the Ten Commandments on the tablets.

When Moshe returned from the mountain, the skin of his face had become luminous from being in the presence of GOD causing the people to fear coming close to him.

Aaron and the community leaders come to Moshe and he spoke to them, after that all the Israelites approached Moshe as he gave them the instructions regarding all that GOD had told him.

When Moshe finished speaking, he placed a hood over his face. When he would go before GOD he would remove this hood until he was ready to leave. Then he would go out to the Israelites telling them all that he had been commanded, replacing the hood over his face until he was to speak to GOD again.

Here again we have an opportunity to see the magnitude of importance GOD places on Worship and Obedience.

Here we have GOD agreeing to remain with HIS people as they go towards the Promise Land.

HE has declared HE will drive out the inhabitants before them allowing them to enter into the land as a feared people for the Fearsome Miracles HE will make, like None that have ever existed on the earth before.

HE is establishing HIMSELF as The Lord GOD Almighty, YHVH, the GOD of Israel, whom all other nations will Fear.

HE has agreed to be who HE is before the people, striking a covenant with them, an agreement, which will require the following of certain stipulations on their part.

GOD once again states the importance of exclusive worship towards HIM, allowing NO Idolatry, NO participation in worship of other gods of any kind.

HE also reiterates the importance of the Sabbath/Saturday as a day to come before HIM and worship, leaving our work to be done over the six weekdays.

HE also reiterates the importance of the Feast and Festivals HE has ordained for the people as times to come before HIM and not empty-handed.

HE has also again commanded the first born of all males be consecrated unto HIM.

These commandments are the covenant of GOD with Israel. These are not optional to the believer, they are commandments of GOD.

How do we profess ourselves believers in GOD, yet consider HIS commandments “optional?”

Are we not “grafted into” the commonwealth of Israel, the people of GOD?

If we consider ourselves the people of GOD, then why would we consider ourselves exempt from HIS commandments?

These are the very things HE has warned us about through these scriptures.

We have chosen to participate in the idol worship of false gods calling it innocent, calling it the “intention” of our heart to recognize GOD in these things.

GOD has called us out to be Holy unto HIM, how can we justify participating in the “innocent” holy days of the World?

If we truly consider ourselves GOD’s People, then why do we not keep HIS commandments?

There is no “release clause” in the covenant of GOD with Israel. There is only obedience unto HIM and then HE will drive out the inhabitants of the land before us.

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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