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Are We Controlled By Elephants And Donkeys?

Happy 4th of July. I thought I would throw out some thought provoking questions for my readers to start your morning.

Today is commonly referred to as the 4th of July. However, in the past is was more commonly known as Independence Day. Politicians benefit less from our independent thoughts and actions and more from our dependency on them. The same is true for information gathering. Both political parties benefit from us relying on them for our information instead of us thinking independently. I think there is some merit to open up a discussion whether my assertions are true.

I believe we are going through a transition. Our lives, particularly our behaviors, are influenced by Elephants and Donkeys. I will assert this is an opinion, however consider that there are many facts to support the discussion. Whether you like it or not, your ability to make decisions is not yours, it is often times a result of government manipulation. Your ability to marry, divorce, own a gun, plan for a family, and make personal choices are influenced by the politics of Elephants and Donkeys.

Who created the laws that influence your every day behavior? Elephants and Donkeys. From the moment we wake to the time our head hits the pillow at night, Elephants and Donkeys have a say in your day. Portrayed negatively or positively, they do control you whether you realize it or not.

The debate around laws that govern our behavior obviously have merit so this is only one part of the equation. Now for a deeper discussion. Who controls the media? We would like to think we do. Do we? Ever spend an hour on Fox News of MSNBC? We live in a world that information is tightly controlled. Ever heard of the phrase "loose lips sink ships?" This phrase dates back to WWII. The government controlled the media and kept from the American people that Hitler was fighting a war off the Carolinas after the Pearl Harbor invasion. If our government could hide this from us back in the 1940's, think about the information technology and what our government can do today. Indeed, "loose lips can sink ships!"

So, how would an Elephant or Donkey control information? They control the emotions of citizens by giving them sound bites that resonate for 10 minutes.....and go away. Need further evidence? Read your facebook walls if you have them. Facebook and all of social media provides an excellent resource for Elephants and Donkeys (and their staffers) to control the emotional intelligence of the readers.

For example, how many people were outraged over the Nigerian School Children being kidnapped just a month ago. What happened to all of that outrage? Well, we moved on emotionally with the next post that came out. The government has the ability to post thoughts into your minds through social media. Most people will shape their opinions through these clips and posts found on social media. This is why the staffers of both political parties have to be savvy with the internet.

Sometimes Elephants and Donkeys work together. When the American people emotionally connected with the Nigerian story, it had a null effect on politicians. Realizing that the United States and its citizens felt empathy for the school children, the politicians and media changed our interests in the story. Why? Our country cannot get involved in another terrorist plot without blow back for our politicians. The story all of the sudden....disappeared. It is so strange how this happens every day without us realizing it.

The Harbinger Effect of our media can control judicial decisions from the highest points to the local court rooms. It is kinda of sneaky how it works. For example, when there is a big trial impacted by race, that could lead to massive race riots. The government and media can work together without us realizing it to impact a jury. I am not saying it is successful at all times, but I do feel the Elephants and Donkeys capitalize on racial divisions. They learned this back in the 90s during the OJ verdict. America is politically divided along a philosophical racial divide.

Recently, I noticed this with the Trayvon Martin trial. I found it odd how Paula Dean was thrown into the discussion of race at the height of the trial. Every night we heard about her racial past of over 20 years ago. Why so significant now, I thought? Then I realized, the jurors and their families can be impacted by the news story, thus impacting how they see the trial. I am convinced this happens more than we realize. The scary part about Elephants and Donkeys is no one is safe from their goals of controlling the future of our society. Not even Paula Dean. She lost an empire because of bad timing.

Think I am wrong? Look at how quickly Donald Sterling went away. It was great for the Donkeys at first. They could say, "See....I told you those old white guys are racists." Then, something peculiar happened. Donald Sterling began to share how the rest of the owners are racist, sexist, and homophobic. The story just seemed to....disappear. When there is a backdraft to a story, they just seem to go away.

Maybe this 4th of July or as I would like to call it, "Independence Day," we could all think about how the information age is being used by Elephants and Donkeys to control our lives. Hell, over 200 hundred years ago Independence meant a lot. Lets try to bring it back into our social fabric.

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