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Are We At The Edge Of Darkness?

As the world tumbles it's way toward a conclusion far removed from my hopes and dreams there are those who hide behind cloaks of deception and deceit. Will mankind soon be on the brink of Armageddon where religious fanatics keep using a doctrine of terror and mayhem in carrying out their heinous intentions? Or will man finally find that "White Knight" who comes to the rescue to save that damsel in distress? The first case is more than likely. But, that White Knight is only a pipe dream. The probability for mankind to be thrust back into the cave of the Neanderthal increases with each burst of mortar fire raining down upon innocents.

Never before has an insurgency of Islamic Extremists taken such violent measures to enforce their ideology upon all those who have chosen a different path. Yet, we have those in Washington whose foreign policy decisions for years has only infuriated the wrath of insurgence all over the world. A doctrine of peace in our time has never been so far out of reach. One could arguably say that the United States has been instrumental in bringing about a world on the brink of disaster. It has been our foreign policy and actions that the US has carried out for years that has seen disastrous results.

The hot bed of mayhem has already been made. Through-out the world the streets are awash in blood and tears. Questions now must be forth coming. Yet, those policy decision makers remain transfixed on a path that continues to keep the juggernaut of violence from ceasing. The elusive path toward conciliation has never been more difficult than it is today. For years we have been vigilant guardians of policies that only translate to corporate profits instead of the sanctity of life. We keep witnessing the after effects that has laid waste from sea to not so shiny sea.

The financiers of terror for Al-Qaeda and the rest of their henchmen remain unfazed. Wave after wave of a more sinister horror is griping nations to put more funds into the coffers of terror. These new waves of terror are a duplicated copy of the playbook written ages ago. In more recent years the drug cartels in South America and Mexico kidnapping was the mainstay of garnishing funds to continue their illegal and most often murderous trade. Today, the global reach of Al-Qaeda operatives have managed to infiltrate practically every country in the world. Terror knows no boundaries.

The ever increasing funds flowing into Al-Qaeda hands is a net result of nations unpreparedness to deal with the cascade of violence and horror as witnessed by all those who are unwillingly held captive. The staggering sums of cash now in Al-Qaeda hands is a constant reminder that terror remains a harsh reality of our modern world. With a steady flow of funding these perpetrators of calamity continue their onslaught against all who won't conform to their radical doctrine.

From the remote areas in China have now been the latest targets of Al-Qaeda terror. Chilling details of horror in Xinjiang where pro-independence militants backed by Al-Qaeda funding has now written a new chapter in the violence of our world. The recent and continued civil war in Syria, along with the renewed spike in violent reprisals in Israel have all been linked to Al-Qaeda funding and terrorist networks. Just long will the world be held captive by the injustices that just may have been provoked by our indifference and policies? Will we continue to impose a rationale that is by nature as different as night and day? Do we dare infuse a doctrine of righteous indignation on different cultures? We have now seen the results of what our foreign policies have wrought.

We must remember that as long as there is enormous amounts of funds ending up with the terrorists groups whether they are the drug cartels of Mexico or Al-Qaeda operatives the reign of terror will continue. Understanding the rationale of some whose sole purpose is monetary gain while much of the whole world is held captive where at any moment we are thrust to the edge of darkness must be the casting call for a global effort to end the insanity that has placed mankind right on the doorstep of destruction. Are we to end up like termites that will destroy the only home we have? I for one surely hope not.