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Are vegetables to blame for paranoid schizophrenia?

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Paranoia is most often associated with use of elicit drugs, but usually wears off as drug use declines. Patients who develop an onset of schizophrenia must take medicine to help with paranoid thoughts, or disorganization. If the paranoia in your life is relatively uneventful then you would be safe to say that it is not effecting your management of daily activities.

Scientists say vegetables grown with the use of bromine especially on vegetable skins, are effecting us by more than mere vitamins, contributing to mind paranoia. When you become alarmed in finding out that your food may not contain the perfect nutritional content, please don't avoid vegetables at all costs. Rather than deal with the risks associated with bromine, it is recommended that you eat organic produce and watch labels. It too has been shown that soaking in a bromine filled hot tub, or dousing food in brominated vegetable oil leads to development of schizophrenia. Forms of bromine can be found in bug-sprays, and cleaning agents. Perhaps the trickiest part of paranoia is that now you must be paranoid about what you eat, and make educated choices on how you live.

Bromine has replaced iodine in most foods since the 1960's and remains a preservative influence in America. The underlying effects of preservatives in food can be found in H.W. Wiley's exertation on public health, found at the PubMed Central site, or PMC. It is obvious that bromine has undertaken significant influence in the world of thought and function. Please see the Kansas University website for more on poison control.

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