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Are These the Fruits of Liberalism?

Liberals are fond of acting like they are somehow above the fray, floating over all the rest of us as if they are the Gods of Greek Mythology. They dispense nuggets of wisdom and advice, and we, the great unwashed, need only to listen and obey and everything will work out. When confronted with an opposing argument, liberals fall back on one of two defense mechanisms: they either smile smugly while implying we are too dense to understand or attack those who question their superiority as racist, bigoted, homophobic (pick one or more).

The problem is that we don’t float above an imaginary world where liberal policies (well intentioned all, they’d like you to believe) all work exactly as the great progressive minds promise they will (if you like your doctor, you can keep him). Our world has consequences and the consequences of Liberalism, or Progressivism are starting to show their (ugly) face to the United States and the world.

September 11, 2001: over 3000 die in the worst terrorist attack on American soil. While most of the world commiserates with our tragedy, some in Arab nations celebrate a strike on “the Great Satan”. Years later, as then Presidential Candidate Barak Obama nears an historic electoral victory, a video surfaces of Obama’s pastor, Reverend Wright appearing to celebrate the attack by exclaiming, “America’s chickens have come home to roost.”

I do not celebrate what is happening because I believe the damage done may be beyond repair, but Liberalism’s chickens appear to be coming home to roost. What am I referring to? I’m not glad you asked, in fact this hurts to write. I will explain what I believe should be obvious to any who haven’t put on blinders and drank the Kool Aid that’s been peddled the last few years.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): There have been so many crises the last few months that the disaster of Obama’s signature legislation has faded from the headlines. That doesn’t mean it’s been fixed. People have lost their insurance, their doctors, and in some cases their lives and it can be traced back to the Government takeover of the nation’s healthcare system. It’s a perfect example of the old joke about the efficiency of the Post Office and the compassion of the IRS.

(IRS- don’t get me started)

Scandals, scandals, scandals: Why does this Administration get a pass on the plethora of scandals that have plagued it during the last five-and-a-half years? IRS, Benghazi, VA, Fast and Furious- these are the #1 seeds in a 16 scandal Obama bracket you need to see and read to believe. The most transparent Administration in history? And the answer to the question regarding a pass for this Administration: there will never be a word spoken by the sycophants whose devotion to this President means never having to say you’re sorry to the American people. Only the country will pay the price.

Foreign policy: Remember 2009 when a newly inaugurated President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize? Since then, his standing, along with that of the USA has gone rapidly downhill. Liberals have always believed that reasoning with the enemies of freedom is a more palatable alternative to the exercise of American power, and the country has always suffered for their beliefs. Russia, ISIS, Israel and Hamas have exposed this Administration as a paper tiger and as a result the world no longer respects, and at times fears the US.

Fear can be a necessary weapon in the quest for peace. Liberalism believes there is no evil in the world (with the exception of Conservatives and Evangelicals). Liberalism believes we can reason with Islamic terrorists who have stated publicly their goal is the annihilation of both Israel and the US. Liberalism believes Government is the solution to the country’s problems. Ronald Reagan, in his 1981 Inaugural Address, famously said, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Since the Reagan Administration we’ve had a steady stream of liberalism which has brought this country to the brink… When Candidate Obama promised “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” he spoke the truth in a way that might even have surprised him. The fruits of Liberalism, based on the evidence of the past few years, show it to be a spoiled and rotten dish.

Can this trend be reversed? I’m not sure, but one of the few who could begin to correct the damage done by liberalism is Dr. Ben Carson. His quiet, confident and plain-spoken demeanor will disarm those on the left who would do anything to destroy a Carson Presidential bid. His resume will deflect those who love to paint Conservatives as Neanderthals with little intellect who act as pawns of straw men the left loves to distract voters with.

Carson argues factually and has the intellect and accomplishments to add weight to his point of view. There will be a vicious campaign to discredit him, but he’s shown he has the wherewithal to “stand up to the bullies” whenever they threaten him. Carson’s accomplishments, his biography and his demeanor may be enough to convince the American people he’s the man to lead us out of the shadows.

I believe the 2016 election will be a crossroads for America. We can continue on the path we’ve been for the past couple decades and disappear as a power in the world. Or, we can elect Dr. Carson and begin the long journey back to that “bright shining city on a hill” as Ronald Reagan described the USA in his farewell address. My prayer is that the country can remember the greatness America used to have and vote to turn back toward that greatness.

Run, Ben, Run!

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