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Are there rough times ahead for eBay and it's sellers?

I have been following eBay news since 2008 (when I first started my powerwheelerchris blog).  I have tried to remain objective about all I have read, try to weight the source of the news before forming my opinion and I certainly did not want to jump on a bandwagon of people who want to attack eBay, however some recent news stories have caused me to pause and ask myself if I felt good about eBay's future.

The four stories I want to refer to as I write this article are as follows:

EBay Used Craigslist for ‘Data Mining,’ Filing Says from Bloomberg: This story reports that craigslist is accusing eBay of using their minority share of the craigslist company "to extract confidential information that helped start a competing classified-advertising Web site".  As far as I know I do not believe this issue has been settled. 

More recently (this week) eBay sued for $3.8 billion in PayPal patent case from Reuters.  EBay is being sued for 6 counts of "patents {infringement} to develop lucrative payment systems such as PayPal"

Of course we should remember that eBay is innocent until proven guilty and we should wait and see how these cases are resolved via the legal system.  

There is one more news story (I have seen many like this one over the past year or so) Survey Says: Amazon is Eating eBay's Lunch from which reports, "According to a report released by Citi Investment Research and Analysis, Amazon shows significantly more traffic and growth than eBay and will continue to do so" he article (which is not the first time I have seen this sentiment) went on to state: "unless and until eBay manages to veer off its present course of apparent self destruction." 

The charts in the article support the articles statement that "eBay’s traffic lagged far behind Amazon’s. In fact, eBay traffic will soon be second to CraigsList". 

However, the following news story eBay Inc. (EBAY) President, CEO & Director John J Donahoe sells 16,667 Shares from GuroFocus.  In the article it is reported that Donahoe has sold what I would call a large amount of eBay stock (16,667  shares) 3 times between April 28 and June 30th of this year.

My question for Mr. Donahoe would be, why has he sold so much of his tock on eBay and why have other board members sold their eBay stock?  Should we be concerned about the futrue of eBay? 

Some have told me to run from the drama, however, I say sellers should not become consumed with the drama, but I believe a responsible seller is running his or her business if he or she keeps up with the industry news regarding eBay.


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