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Are There Bullies in Heaven?

I've discovered a new YouTube series: Wrecked with Todd Frial. While I don't always agree with Todd and sometimes he gets a bit over the top as far as being theatrical and sarcastic, he definitely succeeds in getting his points across.

Check out this video from Wrecked of Rosie O and some misguided Christian witnesses who encountered her on the street:

What kind of mixed signals get sent to the world when the people who are supposed to be followers of Christ, the son of God and the embodiment of love, call people names like pig? Perhaps the people telling Rosie she needs to get saved should consider what that means.

The world has to be totally baffled by their encounters with those attaching the label Christian to themselves. One group of people is sticky sweet and smiley and never says a bad word about anything, except perhaps fellow Christians. Another group pickets funerals. Some believers hide in their churches and homes, so they don't have anymore contact with the world than necessary. Others go door to door peddling their version of Christianity to people who usually slam the door in their faces. A non Christian given the task of defining the word Christian for a new dictionary would have great difficulty completing their assignment if their definition was based on the Christians they had encountered.

Trying to explain what Christianity should be would require a lot of deep thought and careful choice of words (I wrote a 250 page book on the subject). What Christianity should not be can be expressed a bit quicker perhaps. It is not about a bunch of people joining together to form a religious gang so they can look down on others for not belonging, or worse yet, bully them in an attempt to manipulate them into signing up,

I know that the world is doing its best to eradicate the name of God and especially Jesus Christ. We have been called to fight the good fight and run the good race. But we also have been told that we need to worship in spirit and truth. And the fruit of the spirit does not include abrasive, condemning, or scornful in the list of traits. We are called to be different than the world. That means that we will not indulge in the same fleshly sins that others fall into because we love our Heavenly Father, and most of us have learned that those sins have a consequence that makes life unpleasant. However, we must fight using the fruit of the spirit and not the hateful, vengeful, and spiteful attitude that many of those who don't embrace Christ use in their dealings with their fellow man. We don't do it because those tactics will be more successful, but because we're following the model established by our Master.

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