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Are there any rules on how much sleep a dog needs for good health?

I think I will just catch a couple of zzzs.  I sure have the life!! Good night ya'll
I think I will just catch a couple of zzzs. I sure have the life!! Good night ya'll

You probably have always heard the phrase, "to live the life of a dog!" After all, they are fed, go out when they need to, enjoy some great play time and sleep the other 23 hours of a day, (or so it seems.) Is it normal and necessary for your canine family member to pass the time by sleeping away their day and night? In reality, dogs sleep an average of 14 hours per day, depending on the dog's age, size and breed. Your pooch will find pleasure just about anywhere to catch a few zzzs although it is always advisable to provide a cushy bed so your dog does not have to endure the arthritic pain from hard floors and surfaces. Contact your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home to find many pet bed options for your pet.

Frequently, the larger breed of dog needs to catch more naps and snoozes than the average dog and is often referred to as "mat dogs." Their idea of the perfect day is to just lounge around rather than be active because of their size. Although a dog sleeps more than their owners, they do not sleep as soundly and can wake up quite easily and quickly.

Hunters, farm dogs, therapy or service dogs and herders are referred to as working dogs do not get as much sleep as the typical, lazy at-home pet. This is due to their "job requirements," and needs to be alert and active at any moment. Thusly, these dogs are not known for sleeping soundly either.

Some dogs are just plain lazy and bored; why not just take a nap to pass the time? On the other hand, puppies are just like the human infant that needs to sleep many more hours, since baby grows and develops while snoozing. They make up for their hours of slumber by constant activity consistent with the energies of a young pup. When dogs get older, of senior age, they spend the majority of their day sleeping. How much sleep a dog needs depends on the animal and its activity levels.

Just keep your pet on a regular schedule each day with feedings, playtime and walks so that your dog is happy and healthy. Just as with humans, animals recognize the needs of their bodies and sleep when tired, including throughout the night. Yes it is true, dogs do have such a perfect life!

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