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Are the St. Louis Rams serious about relocating to Los Angeles

Stan Kroenke majority owner of St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams majority owner Stan Kroenke has purchased a 60-acre tract of land in Inglewood near Hollywood Park. This latest move could provide an opportunity for the Rams to make a return home to the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles has been absent of NFL football since 1994, when both the Raiders and Rams departed for Oakland and St. Louis.

The land may be just enough for Kroenke to construct a stadium to move his team from St. Louis to LA, especially with the St Louis Convention and Visitors Commission denied the $700 million upgrade needed for Edward Jones Dome. The committee denied public funds be allocated towards the project, after the Rams rejected a $124 million offer to upgrade the stadium.

Throughout the last 20 years many sites have been proposed such as Carson, Irwindale, City of Industry, and Inglewood.

The only way I see an NFL team returning to Los Angeles is having a stadium built in Downtown LA, for many reasons.

The first reason we all must view are the economics of the matter. The NFL along with the city of Los Angeles will not fore go a plan that will not generate revenue and most importantly tax money out of the city.
The second reason is to construct Farmer Field adjacent to Staples Center and have not one but two teams playing inside the stadium, while a renovated Convention Center is added to the stadium also.
The third reason would be convenience where the LA Live complex is in the center of the city, and prime real estate will flourish in and around the area. An NFL stadium would flourish tremendously in Los Angeles.

My other concern is how many teams have always used Los Angeles as a bargaining chip for their respective cities to improve and/or construct new stadium for their respect franchise. Could this be a ploy to get the St. Louis commission to meet the demands of the Rams, and keep them in St. Louis? Time will reveal, however from a couple of sources I've spoken with, something could happen around 2016.
Will the Rams and another be apart of the deal to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles.

In order for a team to move to another city, any franchise wishing to relocate must apply between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15 of that year. They must also and prove they have exhausted all possibilities to remain in its current location.

Which ever team relocates, will have the opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl until an NFL stadium is built.

Any team that comes here will play in the city of Los Angeles or not play in here at all.

Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed that he's rather have the Rams continue to work on negations with the city of St. Louis, before strongly considering Los Angeles.

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