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Are the Sierras going to get enough snow to prevent a drought

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April is the time of the year that you supposed to put away winter snow gear and start to take out your summer gear, but not yet. So far California has been hit by storms that we should have had from September through April, according to past weather history of California.

The Sierras are getting snow in the past few days, as you can tell by the growth of the snowpack, but the question is: Will it be enough to stop the drought?

California has one of the biggest dams--the Sierra snowpack--in the world and lately it is getting very low of water. The only way that it can be filled is by snow that falls every winter. As an example, during the winter the snow falls and makes a very solid snowpack when it freezes on the ground, and during the summer it melts slowly and the water, from the melting snow, fills the dams, which is our water that we use.

The question that is being ask: Are we going to get enough snow to build up the snowpack, so that we do not have a drought this summer?