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Are the Lakers trying to lose?

Is the 'Staple Center' happy to see the Lakers lose?
Is the 'Staple Center' happy to see the Lakers lose?

After taking a dominate 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers looked like they may sweep the Phoenix Suns in four games.  By sweeping the series, the Lakers would have not returned to the Staples Center for any additional games. 

For those of you not familiar with NBA basketball, the best of seven series for the Western Conference Finals is as follows for the higher seeded team:

  • two games at home

  • two games away

  • one game at home (if necessary)

  • one game away (if necessary)

  • one game at home (if necessary)

Had Los Angeles won the series in four games, the Staple Center would have lost revenue from at least one and possibly two home games.

Although exact numbers are not released, it is estimated that the revenue generated by one night of having the Staple Center open is roughly $12 million.

Income from individual tickets, box-seats, advertising revenue, parking, food & beverage, and gift shop sales all add up to huge amounts of money.  Each additional playoff game hosted by the Staple Center means lots of additional income for the Lakers, Jerry Buss, and those corporations invested in the Staple Center. 

It has rarely been suggested that players, coaches, or referees manipulate the outcome of professional NBA games in order to extend playoff series'.  However, with over $10 million a night at stake in additional revenue, it's hard not to consider the possibility of some manipulation taking place. 


  • Tim Donaghy 5 years ago

    Haven't you read my book? Are you surprised? Series is going 7.

  • Jerry Buss 5 years ago

    Need to get some cash to pay Phil next year. Thanks for the extra two home games.

  • LeBron James 5 years ago

    Is there any big surprise why I got stuck in Cleveland in the first place? They kept tanking games to get the most balls in the lottery.

  • David Stern 5 years ago

    Oh the Palaver.

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