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Are the Houston Texans seriously thinking of trading #1 pick?

Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater two of the top QB's in the draft
Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater two of the top QB's in the draft

After introducing their new head coach in Bill O'Brien officially on Friday, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair says he's willing to trade the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

"Maybe we'll trade down and still get a quarterback that can do the job and get an outstanding defensive player," McNair said.

After their worst record in franchise history at 2-14 this season, the Texans secured the overall number one pick.

The have a strong need for a quarterback, seeing as how Matt Schaub is finished in Houston, and Case Keenum did not win a single game as a starter.

"I don't think you take a particular position just because you need a particular position at any point in the draft, especially the first pick," Texans GM Rick Smith said.

The old saying goes if you have a need, fill it. It's basic supply and demand, and this team is in demand of a quarterback immediately.

If the Texans decide to trade their number one pick, that would be the dumbest move I've seen all season.

The previous two number one draft picks in David Carr and Mario Williams have not panned out well, and didn't move the team any closer to a Super Bowl title.

It's time the Texans step back and take a good look around them. This is one of the best classes for quarterbacks we've seen in a good while. They hired O'Brien because he is a quarterback's coach, and has spent time working with Tom Brady in New England.

Now the tougher choice remains, which quarterback do you take if they decide to keep the pick? Either Teddy Bridgewater who is a cerebral football player with small hands that could pose a problem in the NFL long term. Or Johnny Manziel who played his college ball about an hour away from Houston, a play maker who may not meet the exact height requirements.

Passing up on either one of these QB's is ridiculous, and when have a guarantee you don't pass it up for a possible.

I believe Mr. McNair is committed to winning and bring a Super Bowl title to the city of Houston, and now is he time to show it more than ever. And the action of trading the number one pick, would not correlate with his words.

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