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Are the experts wrong?

When you go into a wine tasting you ask a Sommelier, what you should taste and how you should taste the wine properly. Beer, now has a Cicerone Certification that does the exact same thing - it tells you how to taste and what you should taste with what type of beer that your are drinking. These experts will tell you what glass to use and even why you should swirl the glass. The experts tell you to analyze the aroma and try to detect the fruity or floral notes that present its self in the bouquet of aromas. Then these same experts tell you what those aromas actually are and not what you just smelled.

Beer flavor wheel

They tell you to make sure the flavors stay in your mouth for a second and then swallow the drink. The experts tell you this is how you should enjoy the drink of your choice. They even have flavor wheels for wine and beer that help you out when the experts are not around to do the job.

Learning about what you drink and how the experts want you to drink it is something that you should know; however, please don't forget to enjoy the drink of your choice the way that you want to drink it.

When I watch these experts in the field they don't seem to ever just enjoy the drink they seem to scientifically analyze the drink. So the next time you have a drink enjoy and don't analyze.

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