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LaMarca winemaker urges wine drinkers to buy another bottle
LaMarca winemaker urges wine drinkers to buy another bottle
Julia Hollister

LaMarca Prosecco celebrates spring, the renewing of our planet and is a great sparkler for any day of the week.

That’s the message winemaker Fabrizio Gatto brought from Italy to California recently.

“I grew up in the vineyards because my father and grandfather owned vineyards south of Rome,” he said. “I was quite clear on my future so I studied winemaking, finished my schooling and worked in California and France. I started at LaMarca in 2007.

Prosecco goes well with any kind of food; even at 10 a.m. instead of coffee.”

This wine is not expensive compared to champagne. The taste is good for the American palate because it’s fruity with floral citrus and a low alcohol content of 11 percent. The bubbles are soft so imbibers can drink more than one glass.

Grown in fertile Northern Italian vineyards, the microclimate and unique soil provide the perfect growing conditions. Prosecco is made from glera, a rather neutral white wine grape, which is believed to have its beginning in early Roman times. The sparkling wine is named after the village of Prosecco where the grape is thought to have originated.

This wine is made in the Charmat method or “Italian Method.” The classic method used in champagne production would require aging the wine for several years before release, thus robbing the wine of its freshness

“LaMarca is not a wine you can age,” Gatto said. “Just buy a bottle, drink it and buy another. The back taste is very long. The important part of Prosecco is that you will always have the memory even after the wine is gone.”


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