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Are slow computers bad for our health?

Slow Computers and Health
Slow Computers and Health

It seems like there just aren’t enough minutes in a day. We’re constantly rushing from one task to another with precious few minutes leftover for ourselves at the end of the day. Where can you shave off some time for yourself? The answer might surprise you. Technology upgrades can add as much as 16 minutes per day for the average American (that’s 4.1 days per year!). That is approximately how much time we spend each day waiting on slow computers and internet.

By investing in technology upgrades we can recapture some of that time and reinvest it in ourselves. Half of inactive adults are aware of their inactivity but say they don’t have time to do anything about it. With more free time we can exercise more or get more sleep. You could also spend more time planning and preparing healthy meals. Not to mention you could lower your overall stress level by not waiting on a slow computer.

Check out this infographic to learn more about how slow computers are affecting our health.