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Are "selfie" photos making people more self conscious and prone to surgery?

Who's more self-conscious - men or women?
Who's more self-conscious - men or women?

There have been several articles lately about the negative aspects of posting your "selfie" photos on social media sites for all to see and criticize or like. Are people looking at their "selfies" and finding enough wrong to take the photos to their plastic surgeons for help?

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (, plastic surgeons are seeing more patients wanting surgery to correct problems linked to unflattering self portraits. The organization conducted a survey of its 2700 members last year and 33% of its surgeons said they are receiving requests from patients who want facial work to improve their images on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Of the plastic surgeons surveyed, 58% saw an upward spike in surgical repairs from Americans under 30. There has been a 10% rise for rhinoplasty (nose job), a 7% increase in hair transplants and a 6% increase in eyelid surgery according to the Academy statistics.

Edward Farrior, president of the academy, said in an interview with MAINST Lifestyle ( that "we are entering a new era in inflated self-esteem, and with it comes a need to stand out in an ultra-competitive employment market for younger Americans. Couple that with advancements n facial surgery techniques and what used to be an anomaly is a full-blown trend, amplified even further by the narcissistic nature of social media ... As recovery times are reduced and results are more subtle, aesthetic procedures become a more viable maintenance option for young men and women."

Do you think this is true? Do you know someone that hated their "selfie" and drove directly to the plastic surgeon's office? Or are they just complaining that they don't like a certain aspect of their features and wanting reassurance that they look good just how they are? Are men or women more self-conscious about their looks?

For whatever reason, seems that photo bomb "selfies" has become a trend with the younger generation.