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Are school board members and district administrators worthless?

So many school board members are worthless. Worthless as a gardener blowing the leaves and grass into the street, knowing that the place will look clean, and after they leave the leaves and grass will blow right back.

Worthless because they know not of education. Here in Los Angeles we have had many elected school board members who have used their name recognition and have attempted to jump from the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education to the Los Angeles City Council. Some have made it; some have not. One current board member who had no educational background had the chutzpah to run for the City Council while serving her first term on the Board. She lost.

Many of the principals who find a way to move downtown or to the local offices are worthless. They have played the game right, did just what their bosses required, so now they no longer have to deal with parents, students or teachers.

Many of the principals who earn promotions and raises to become downtown administrators are performing “The Dance of The Lemon Principals”. Principals who are unpopular at their schools—with the parents or with the staff or both—and who have toed the company line, get the promotion. Sometimes a lemon principal that the parents or the faculty demand to be removed is sent to another school to alienate a portion of the population there.

Some of the well entrenched Downtown LAUSD bureaucracy have been there so long you would think that they first drove downtown in their Ramblers, stopping at Kinney Shoes along the highway, paying 29.9 cents a gallon at a Richfield Station while receiving full service,
and having their cars painted at Earl Sheib for $19.99.

They are so busy trying to eliminate the rights of teachers.

They are so busy trying to eliminate the teachers’ unions.

They are so busy jailing veteran teachers in order to get them to retire early or to quit.

Do they feel threatened by teachers, especially veteran ones? The principals receive the downtown administrators support. Why are teachers treated so differently?

Worthless while diminishing the power and the effectiveness of the teachers on the front line who make administrators look good and help them keep them jobs.

Worthless in their carpeted offices with clean rest rooms, opportunities to dine out for lunch, and talk to friends and family on the phone, while the teachers have little time to eat or go to the bathrooms, and in many cases they clean or straighten their own classrooms.

Worthless. Things need to be reversed. This is a pyramid with board, the superintendent, and the downtown administrators at the top and the teachers and the students at the bottom. What is wrong with this picture?

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