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Are reprints of Xenosaga III making their way to Gamestop?

Xenosaga III... or is it?
Xenosaga III... or is it?Namco Bandai

Did you notice that there are multiple pristine "pre-owned" copies of the (sort of) rare PS2 game Xenosaga III available at your local Gamestop for twenty bucks?  Did you check your phone to go online and see that before today, eBay completed sales were selling between $35-$50?  Thinking about buying their entire supply and flipping it online?  You may want to hold off on that thought first, Gordon Gekko, because there's speculation that your treasure trove might actually be reprints.

Reprints of older games, particularly those from publishers of niche titles like the earlier Persona games, are not uncommonWhat is a little disconcerting is that these games aren't being reprinted by the same publisher and don't have any obvious indicators that they are reprints.  In the case of the newly discovered Xenosaga III copies at Gamestop, the only telltale sign were the cases they came in didn't have the PS2 memory card holder.

Personally, the more people that get a chance to play a cult favorite that was once hard to find and weren't willing to shell out the cash on eBay, the better.  It helps drive interest and opens up the possibility of sequels if enough demand is there.  However, much like books or trading cards or any other kind of collectible, there should be at least something on the box that says that what you're buying is a reprint.  It probably won't stop people from buying the game regardless, since these games are going to be opened and played.  The only people who won't be happy about this are collectors who don't even open their games and think they're cool for being the only person with that game.  Like anyone cares... well, maybe Gordon Gekko...

Source: Hardcore Gaming 101 via Cheapass Gamer Forums

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