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Are Race Horses For Sale Online

Tattersalls Horse Auction is only one type of horseracing sales operation.
Tattersalls Horse Auction is only one type of horseracing sales operation.
Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Anyone that follows the Kentucky Derby or horse racing knows that famous horses can be owned by ordinary people. But have you ever wondered how they got their horse and how you could buy one for yourself? As it appears, it is not such a strange idea considering you can buy a Kentucky Derby horse on the internet.

Horses for sale on Ebay?

When I was searching online for Kentucky Derby collectibles, I went to Ebay to look first. When I typed in the term horses, "horses for sale" popped up in the list of options returned in the search window. Needless to say; I was intrigued. Does this mean I can order a horse and have it delivered in the mail?

As it turns out, you cannot buy a championship winning racing horse from Amazon or Ebay -- yet. Instead, you can buy a website at Ebay that has horses for sale. This means that you can buy horses online, but a Thoroughbred is not a one-click purchase -- or is it?

How horses were bought before the internet

If you want a horse, there are several ways that you can buy them offline. If you are an insider to the racing industry, your methods for purchasing a horse may include using a buyer's agent. This person spends most of their time figuring out which horse is foaling, the prices breeders have typically charged in the past, and how to negotiate a deal between the breeder and the buyer.

More often than not, this person will have a team of consultants and experts that helps keep them informed. For this reason, unlike other professionals in the horse industry, agents are more likely to stay abreast of opportunities like IRS, estate sale, and bankruptcy auctions where horses are being sold.

Regardless, the old-fashioned way to buy a fine equine specimen is at horse breeder's shows. These shows are frequently advertised on horse racing websites and in horse-related classified ads.

Buying a racehorse online

Do you have what it takes to negotiate your own horse buying deal? Guides by Horse Master, Julie Goodnight, certainly demonstrate that buying a horse is somewhat of an art. You can certainly buy a horse directly from the owner, but a Thoroughbred champ that requires thousands of your dollars is a special purchase.

By using horse buying consultant services and brokers, you are assured that important health records, ownership papers, and legal documents or procedures will be up to snuff. Of course, this article is meant to encourage you to buy a horse online -- and not discourage you. For this reason, check resources, like Twitter, for keywords like horse agent, classifieds, seller, and buyer to find the professional places online that help your dream of owning a racing horse to come true.

Also, keep in mind that if you cannot buy a whole horse, organizations like the UK Racehorse Owners Association allow you to buy a share.

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