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Are parents who drink alcohol in front of their kids child abusers?

Parents drinking alcohol in front of their kids is not a crime nor should it be regarded as child abuse seems like common sense to reasonable people. Yet, according to Infowars parents could be at serious risk if they drink alcohol in front of their children or engage in other even more seemingly common everyday behavior.

Are Parents Who Drink Alcohol in Front of Kids Child Abusers
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With a new law that has taken liberal anarchy to whole different level; state control of parental authority with the “Cinderella Law” has become law in Great Britain. The new law seeks to “criminalize the slightest remarks or conduct as “emotional abuse” of children and target parents who drink alcohol in front of their children as child abusers.” Worse yet, a parent who is brought up on charges for daring to take a sip of alcoholic beverage and is convicted could be punished with a sentence up to ten years behind bars, reported Infowars.

Even though you may be wiping your head with relief that you do not live in the growing socialist state of the UK, just remember who is in charge in the Oval Office with his pen and phone. The president has taken quite a fondness to unraveling the family structure as well as the principles and values which have built the foundation of moral conduct in American homes.

So new laws like the “Cinderella Law,” which uses the pretext of parents’ denying love to children, could be considered a violation of the law and child abuse. It can be simply not paying enough attention to your child to embracing and practicing the family’s Judeo-Christian beliefs in the home that could light the match to trigger the state to come into your home. Truly anything can trigger a warrant from the government to come and take your child.

In effect this law when implemented in Britain or in America could become the newest version of a ‘Common Core of Obama Family Values’. The Pandora’s Box once opened would permit the state seizure of children to be raised by the “government village” is possibly right around the corner.

So be wary about new laws that arrive in your city or state that are masked with an innocent sounding name like a “Cinderella Law.” It could turn into a pumpkin right at your doorstep.

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