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Are organic farmers the new doctors

It’s so important to know where your food comes from. Buying organic produce at your local farmers markets keeps the community healthy and the money goes directly back to the farmer. It’s better for the family and the environment. Buy local.

Are organic farmers the new doctors
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How many kids think their food actually comes from a can

It’s better for the family and the environment. A lot of love goes into growing the food. You can’t get that from an industrial food farm or food manufacturer. Support your community buy co-oping. Farmers markets and co-ops are real families who take up the responsibility of bringing fresh produce and vegetables to you out of a genuine love.

A little love goes a long way. Just imagine what pouring your heart and soul into the land (with gentle land farming techniques, and avoiding chemicals and genetic modification) and taking the time to get the local produce to market for purchase involves, a whole lotta’ love. That’s a good thing, and it gets passed forward in appreciation and gratitude and of course more love.

Supporting your local farmer will allow them to grow more and more organic food to get out to the community

And GMO vegetables and produce

If you wouldn’t want the sprayed chemicals on your skin why would you eat it? What’s grown in Mother Nature doesn’t need tampering. The produce doesn’t need tinkering with to produce a perfect round, or non-seeded, bigger, fatter, or potentially genetically modified to avoid disease and bugs. Farmers and people have been growing seeds for centuries without a problem. It is when we try to over-farm, over produce, when science tries to overdo and get in the way of what occurs naturally, the fresh produce gets over run with bugs and disease and destroyed. History has proven it.

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