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Are negative thought driving you crazy?

You can stop those negative thoughts!
Resource Therapy LLC

I need to lose weight. People don't like me. I am not good enough for real friends. These are just some of the voices that I have experienced in my head over the years. Does this sound familiar? Are you fighting the voices in your head. In this day in age we have so much on our plate. We have jobs that we put more than 50 hours a week into, families, friends, problems that need fixing. Having negative thought while trying to handle everything else can seem like an uphill battle.

One of the main things that I hear from my clients on a daily basis is that I can't stop thinking badly about myself. Or I just don't like myself. How do I begin to like myself. The truth is that there is no easy quick trick. When we want to become an athlete we have to train to become the best that we can be at it. The same goes for re-training the way you think about things and yourself.

  • Lets first start off with one of the simple ways to retrain your brain. The first way is affirmations. It has been said throughout history that once you put your thoughts into spoken word you have given it power and given it life. So, write your affirmation in the now. For example " I am smart & capable" or "I loveable & people are drawn to me". If you look through my previous articles there is a full article on how to write your own affirmations. Be sure to place this affirmation where you can see it everyday. Say the words out loud and let the feelings come.
  • The next step is reframing your thoughts. You must practice how you look at things. For example, lets say you're driving to a friend's house and you miss your exit. Instead of getting all upset and start thinking about how you will be late, look at it as an opportunity. Collect your thoughts and give yourself some much needed quiet time. Notice the beauty around you while you drive. Who knows, maybe you will see a billboard that will tell you about an upcoming event that you and your friend would love to do. Be open to the possibilities.
  • Know who's voice you're hearing in your head. Many times we may hear comments that were made to us by people we know. If you're hearing a comment your mother made many years ago about your weight maybe it's time to address how that made you feel and forgive her for the comment. If it's a deeper issue don't be afraid to get help from a professional. It is not weak to ask for help. We all need help from time to time.
  • Know who you are. List all the wonderful things about yourself. Everyone has good qualities in them. List them and keep them with you when you need a reminder.
  • Our parents use to tell us all the time to be careful who we choose to spend our time with. This is true. Who we hang out with we tend to pick up certain traits that they have. If your hanging out with people who are down all the time then guess what you will be ... DOWN. Pick people who have a positive outlook on life and that will give you the love and support you need.
  • Change your Physiology. If you're having negative thoughts get up out that chair and walk around. Change the way you are standing. Shoulders back and head up. It may sound silly but we can help change our mood by simply changing the way we hold our bodies.

Personal Note: No matter what you are going through right now, there is help out there. There are people who care and want to help. At Resource Therapy LLC located in Brooklyn Park we help people tap into who they truly are. We all have beauty inside us and sometimes we just need a little help to let it shine.

Resource Therapy LLC 612-298-5640 100% Free consultation.

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