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Are Mothers Using Utah Law For Legal Kidnapping of Fathers’ Rights to Babies?

Preston King breaks down before saying goodbye to his newborn son
Preston King breaks down before saying goodbye to his newborn son
The Daily Mail

If you are a father you will not ever want to experience what many fathers in Utah are experiencing by having their parental rights stripped away by a law that give mothers the right to legally kidnap your baby. According to Fox News, the state law “allows mothers to put their babies up for adoption without the biological father’s consent, or sometimes even knowledge.”

Now at least a dozen men are standing up for their fatherhood rights and taking the state of Utah to federal court in a concerted effort to regain their parental rights. The fathers contend in their lawsuit that the state’s Utah Adoption Act is nothing more than “legalized fraud and kidnapping.”

The ethical affront to the rights of biological fathers in Utah seems to have been obvious and open to the state officials and adoption agencies. In fact one adoption representative for the Adoption Center of Utah agency that was contacted by Fox News openly stated, “Utah has the best adoption laws because you don’t have to say who the father is. Even if the father doesn’t sign the papers, you can still put the baby up for adoption.“

The notion that this unilateral taking by the state without notification or even consent of the father works to undo the parental rights and entitlement a father has to his son or daughter. The other obvious problem that arises is how the state of Utah has been said to be a magnet for pregnant women who want to give birth to their child in Utah as a way of depriving the father parental rights.

According to, Utah’s Supreme Court’s Chief Justice this offensive scenario was due to become an issue. In a 2009 court case the chief justice wrote in his dissent on the case, “Utah risks becoming a magnet for those seeking to unfairly cut off opportunities for biological fathers to assert their rights to connection with their children, reported Fox News.

The father’s in the federal lawsuit are determined to regain the legal custody of their babies that were stolen from them by the mothers of their children. Will Bolden, whose biological son will be three in March is committed to gaining custody. “I love my son and I will fight for him until I have no money. Until there is no chance for me to get him back, I will be fighting," he said to Fox News.

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