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Are menstrual cramps cramping your style

Menstrual cramps are caused by menstruation which is a discharge of blood and other bodily substances from the woman’s womb that occurs monthly in women around the age of twelve years old to late fifties. Although with all the foods being eaten in today’s society some children have started menstruation at a much earlier age.

Swimming can help ease menstrual cramps
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Menstrual cramps are often accompanied by headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and back pain.

Heavy bleeding can produce another problem for women who are at the age of menstruation which occurs at puberty and follows them many years until menopause hits. When a woman is plagued with heavy bleeding this could promote another problem called iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia can be helped by eating foods that are rich in iron such as dark green leafy vegetables, prunes, and raisins. The woman can also speak to her doctor about adding iron supplement tablets or liquid to her daily healthcare regime.

Some Ways to calm menstrual cramps:

There are several ways to help ease the pain of a woman’s monthly menstrual cramps.

Exercise: some forms of mild exercise such as walking or bicycling may help alleviate menstrual cramp pain.

Heating pad: placing a heating pad on the woman’s belly helps ease pain in some women plagued with menstrual cramps but does not work for everyone.

Sex: Some women may be helped with easing backache and cramps associated with their menstrual period by having an orgasm which contracts the uterus relieving pain. Orgasms also help relieve headaches.

Medication: over the counter medications such as Motrin, Ibuprofen, an Acetaminophen or Aspirin usually work for alleviating menstrual cramps. Check with your doctor to find out what medication will work best for your body.

See your doctor:
If your menstrual cycle stops from an unknown reason, or your periods are heavy with excessive bleeding, pain while having sex or unmanageable pain see your healthcare provider as soon as possible to find out what is wrong.

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