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Are liquor stores open or closed on Memorial Day Monday 2014 in your state?

Are liquor stores open on Memorial Day Monday 2014 nationwide?
Are liquor stores open on Memorial Day Monday 2014 nationwide?
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What states allow sales of liquor on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014? Nationwide liquor, beer and wine sales are controlled by the state, so each state has its own set of rules when it comes to liquor stores being opened on holidays, such as Memorial Day Monday. The majority of the states allow sales of liquor on this holiday, but surprisingly, some states do not, like Massachusetts.

Allowing sales of liquor, beer and wine varies from state to state on Memorial Day. Many states are allowing the sale of alcohol, but some of these states are offering reduced hours of sales for these beverages on this holiday. Some states go by county to county or even city to city when opening for alcohol sales for the Memorial Day Monday holiday.

According to the Bostinno on May 25, Massachusetts liquor stores are closed on Memorial Day May 26, but neighboring Connecticut allows liquor sales on the Monday holiday. Some of the stores offer reduced hours. It is worth a phone call before leaving the house on Monday to check on the hours of operation for the store you are headed to.

Connecticut allows the sale of beer in grocery stores, but these stores still need to adhere to the hours set by the state for the sale of alcohol beverages. Utah is another state where selling liquor is not allowed on Memorial Day. Liquor stores in Pennsylvania are also closed for the Monday holiday, according to PennLive.

Some states will open or close their liquor stores by county or even by town or city. One of those states is Maryland, which goes by counties. You really need to call to find out if alcohol is being sold on Monday in the area where you live.

One of the counties that allow Memorial Day liquor sales is Montgomery County in Maryland. While they are allowing liquor stores to open for the holiday, they will offer reduced hours of sales on Monday, May 26.

The state of New York sells alcohol on Memorial Day Monday. This is across the state, according to Yonkers Daily Voices. Holiday hours may apply, so call ahead before heading out.

To find out if liquor stores are open in your state on Memorial Day, Monday May 26, 2014, you can check each individual state's liquor policies on holiday openings here on the State Alcohol Liquor Control Directory.

The most important factor to remember about alcohol sales on holidays is to drink responsibly. Don’t get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. The road blocks are plentiful nationwide for this 2014 Memorial Day Monday. Just the smell of alcohol on your breath will target you for the side of the road field sobriety test. A DUI is not something you want on your driving record, as it tends to push your insurance sky-high.

Most importantly remember that you save lives by not drinking and driving.

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