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Are Lady Gaga and Amanda Bynes suffering the same identity crisis?

Here Lady Gaga is virtually unrecognizable.
Here Lady Gaga is virtually unrecognizable.

Lady Gaga who is gearing up for her "ARTPOP" movement, leaves us scratching our heads as we take in her new stripped-down look. The singer (also known as Stefani Germanotta) seems to have jumped to the opposite end of the spectrum, causing some to wonder if she's having problems with her identity. If this story sounds familiar, that's likely because former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes seems to be plagued with similar issues. Her Instragram photos have revealed an alarmingly rapid physical evolution, one that's left fans and friends worried. Are Gaga and Bynes suffering from the same identity crisis? While it seems unlikely, you might disagree after considering these interesting parallels.

Gaga and Bynes appear to have "switched" places.
Robin Marchant, Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images

They're both the same age.

It's perhaps Bynes' status as a former child star that makes it hard to believe that she and the "Alejandro" singer are the same age. Continuing the momentum after living her childhood in the spotlight ultimately caused Amanda so much grief that she retired from acting. Her conversion into "transient life" seemed to take place as Germanotta's star in Hollywood was soaring. But although Forbes recently named Gaga as one of the world's top-earning celebs under 30, some believe that she feels pressured to keep up with the industry's rising pop stars.

Their looks have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Lady Gaga, known for showing up to award shows in meat dresses, is used to stunning fans with her attire. But lately we have noticed another dramatic physical transformation occurring before our very eyes. The outspoken musician has gone from garishly shocking to a barely recognizable minimalist. Bynes on the contrary, has gone from the girl-next-door to someone whose outfits almost rival Lady Gaga's. Gone are the soft blonde tresses and easy smile. They have been replaced with tattered wigs, body modifications, and strange hip-hop gear.

They both seem obsessed with their looks.

On one hand, we've got Amanda Bynes calling everybody "ugly" - all the while she's altering her appearance (cosmetically and otherwise) nearly every ten minutes. On the other hand, we've got the "Poker Face" star trying on more identities than Gary Oldham. In 2010, Lady Gaga was said to have endured an "identity crisis" when she was performing in Liverpool. The singer said she didn't feel like "herself" and even set up elaborate decoys to avoid prying eyes.

Both have been accused of living outside reality.

Amanda's troubles recently culminated in an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold, after she set a fire in a private driveway in California. Gaga's issues haven't reached such startling levels. Nonetheless, some claim that even her mother has stopped calling her Stefani - instead, addressing alter ego. Some even believe that the singer has completely lost touch with reality, living in an "alternate universe" created by the character she's become on stage. Bynes is also said to be detached from reality; her parents are so fearful that they've recently filed for a conservatorship to manage her affairs.

Identity plays a huge part in entertainment. While most agree that Gaga's antics are nothing more than artistic expression, it's often difficult to tell where her act ends. Do Amanda and the "Bad Romance" singer share the same issues? Probably not. But with Amanda becoming more and more like Gaga, and the "Telephone" singer morphing into the girl-next-door, it's hard not to wonder.

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