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Are Internet of Things (IOT,s) and relational freedom twisted paradoxically?

"Be as free people, using freedom, not as a cover for doing wrong, but as slaves of God" 1 Peter 2:16

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA - NOVEMBER 29: Moon Sook Kyung (28) and his family prepare for dinner at their smart home on November 29, 2006 in Incheon, South Korea. The Home Network uses advanced technology to improve quality of life by enabling communication..
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

How often couples overlook the covenant that binds the two as one and yet separate? The married promise to help one another through hard times and easy times- sickness or health. Somehow, there are those who in manner of "freedom" control their relationship to leave the covenant because of stress or health or hard times. The promise broken as though it was just a symbolic agreement and the "freedom" superseding it.

How come agreements in relationships can be a "symbolic" agreement that can be broken but freedom, that may be based a personal decision, may not be viewed as symbolic? In the age when IOT,s ("Internet of Things") would emerge as the driving force of economy, symbolisms seem as essential as commodity of things such as food and water. Convenience, ease of access and remote automation based on promised ("reliable") exchange of data, agreements, or promises, based on symbolic exchanges on the internet would bind and may even make everyone dependent someday. IOT,s taking over freedom of jobs to be independent in dependence.

That old movie "Brazil", once symbolism, is increasingly manifesting in our world to rule in the world of IOT,s. A paradoxical intermarriage (or trap) between ease - freedom in automation and dependence on them at the same time. Then how come the above analogy of symbolism does not manifest in marital relations that end up in divorces?

A man or woman may be willing to give up manual freedom (independence) for dependency on symbolic automation in the IOT,s, but would be willing to give up the symbolic covenant to be single. The giving up of the symbolism of human values for self-generated symbolism of freedom is in single hood or things-- giving up on relational dependence to become dependent on things in single hood.

Pretty soon in the IOT,s the relationships may become gauged given automation in: mood detection sensors, feeling detection sensors, emotion detection sensors, conduct pattern sensors, mental operation sensors, spiritual detection sensors and physical potential sensors already in effect. Could these create automated criteria (contingencies) set by the freedom seeking couple to alert to "shut" the relationship "on" or "off"? Or maybe the symbolic IOT,s could become a blessing to help improve the symbolic intermarriage between independence and dependence promised in the covenant of relations- Internet of Relations (IOR,s)! Imagine a whole new baby boom generation created by IOR,s - IOT,s sensing ovulation cycles signaling the couple for just the right time to covet- or alternatively, a safe way of both population and birth control for when not to covet.

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