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Gideon Jura and the Eldrazi poised for possible return in 'Khans of Tarkir'

Is he coming back in "Khans of Tarkir"?
Is he coming back in "Khans of Tarkir"?
Wizards of the Coast

Today, July 7, updated its website to include a comprehensive breakdown of rules for the upcoming M15 core set which is soon to be released on July 18, 2014. Included in the rules was a section dedicated to the new version of Ajani, "Ajani Steadfast." In the section, one of the bullets specified that "If a permanent you control is both a creature and a planeswalker, Ajani's second ability will put both a +1/+1 counter and a loyalty counter on it."

The question now is, what permanent is both a "creature and a planeswalker?" A quick search of the Gatherer directory for "planeswalker" reveals that there has only been one permanent in the history of Magic that has the ability to be both a creature and a planeswalker: Gideon Jura.

In an article posted last month on the website, readers were updated on the current whereabouts of their favorite planeswalkers. According to the article, Gideon was last known to be recruiting aid to defeat the Eldrazi. Speaking of the Eldrazi, someone who was last seen at the Eye of Ugin (which was created to imprison the Eldrazi) was Sarkhan Vol. Interestingly enough, the next major expansion for "Magic: The Gathering" is called "Khans of Tarkir," and one of the major players is Sarkhan Vol.

So what does this all mean? When Sarkhan Vol went "mad," he claimed that the voice of Ugin was whispering to him in his mind. Could it be possible that Sarkhan Vol is still connected to the Eldrazi? Maybe Gideon has come to Tarkir and tracked Sarkhan Vol to put an end to the Eldrazi.

Another strong case that Gideon is poised to return is that Nissa Revane has come back in M15. When we last saw Nissa, she had allowed the Eldrazi to roam the Blind Enternities - the space between planes in the Multiverse. This was in hopes that her home world, Zendikar would be spared from their destruction. However, this did not help, and she is also on the quest to stop them.

One final note, M15 really shaped up to be a very interesting core set. In particular, the set does not center around a specific plane. In fact, in reference to the Souls, the core set is connected to six different planes. Is there a chance that the Eldrazi have made their way to these other planes since they were allowed to roam the Blind Enternities?

Remember, this is all speculation at this point. However, there are strong cases to some of these points. What do you think? Sound off in the comment section below.

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