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Are Georgia Republicans for or against ObamaCare?

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Yesterday, six sponsors of the anti-ObamaCare bill, The Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act, paradoxically, voted to fund ObamaCare by voting YES on HB 744. This is the budget bill for fiscal year July 2014 through June 2015. This bill had a dozen entries where it would increase the funding of ObamaCare:

  • 17.1.5 Increase funds for Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) contractual services for new members enrolled due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009 (PPACA).
  • 17.8.10 Increase funds for the increased percentage of Medicaid-eligible children enrolling due to the PPACA (also known as the "Woodwork Effect")
  • 17.8.11 Increase funds for additional state insurance premium tax liability of the care management organizations (CMOs) caused by the PPACA's primary care reimbursement rate increase.
  • 17.8.12 Increase funds to account for transition to 12-month eligibility reviews as required by the PPACA.
  • 17.8.13 Provide funds for new federal premium tax imposed on the care management organizations (CMOs) by the PPACA
  • 17.9.6 Provide funds for the increased percentage of PeachCare-eligible children enrolling due to the PPACA (also known as the "Woodwork Effect").
  • 17.9.7 Provide funds for new federal premium tax imposed on the CMOs by the PPACA.
  • 17.10.5 Increase funds due to the Comparative Effectiveness Research fee required by the PPACA.
  • 17.10.6 Increase funds for additional preventive health benefits required by the PPACA.
  • 17.10.7 Increase funds to account for limits imposed on cost sharing by the PPACA beginning in Calendar Year 2015.
  • 17.10.8 Increase funds to account for the projected increased enrollment due to the individual mandate and auto-enrollment of new employees as required by the PPACA.
  • 17.10.9 Increase funds due to the Transitional Reinsurance Fee imposed by the PPACA

Speaker David Ralston is an establishment politician who sponsored HB 744, even though he did not vote for it. There were four representatives who voted against the bill: Charles Gregory, Scott Holcomb, Sam Moore, and Steve Tarvin. Holcomb was a Democrat. Sam Moore and Steve Tarvin were sworn in this month. Gregory was sworn in a little over a year ago and consistently votes as a conservative, i.e. against the establishment.

The web site,, has graded politicians on their votes. For Georgia to truly become a conservative state, we must hold our politicians accountable so that they consistently vote against big government and higher taxes. To hold them accountable, they need to be challenged in the primaries.

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