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Are flu vaccinations a gateway to giving you Aids and Cancer?


I know a lot of people are thinking, “Man you have lost your mind. How do you connect the government giving you aids from a flu vaccination?” Well I have to ask you, “Is it true or false that Africans didn’t have aids until the government came to just test them for it?” I watched a documentary at the International Black Docufest and the Africans were explaining how they would just go get tested so they could receive the benefits the government claimed they would get. They then realized very quickly that everybody who went to get tested all of a sudden came up with Aids instantly and was on their deathbed.

I think if you ask some of my Mexican brothers and sisters if this is possible they would also agree that after getting vaccinated in Mexico everyone got infected with the Mexican swine flu virus.

I am always suspicious of the government because of the history my people have with the government of the United States. We are talking about the same government that did the Tuskegee experiment. I have learned in my life that greedy governments don’t discriminate by race. I know a whole lot of Caucasian people who can tell about living by toxic plants that the government knew about but still allowed whole towns to contract cancer and all sorts of terrible diseases. I just have to be overly careful as an African American because history has shown this government has always planned the extinction of Black people. I watched a Chris Rock show of his latest comedy adventure and he said “If I was on the Regis and Kelly show and Regis stabbed me in the neck. I would be on my deathbed saying, ‘Regis it isn’t your fault I should of known better than to trust your ass.’”

The company that is setting up all the vaccinations definitely needs to be investigated a little bit more. The company called Baxter has been responsible for the Avian virus being shipped to 18 countries and no one knows how that happened. I am suspicious of the CDC and all these government agencies that were doing experiments in the beginning with different flu strands just to see if they could get them to mutate. I ask, “Is it possible our government is practicing population control?” I say this to people and they say “Man that’s always been going on.” I am like, “What? You don’t have a problem with that?” I find that most people are like my father, he would say “If it is not happening in my front yard then it’s not my business.” This attitude is what has fostered the ignorance we see now in the Black community. We have to get more involved with the world and what is happening in it.

The two most deadly substances found in these vaccines are Toxic Mercury and Formaldehyde. These are two cancer-causing agents that will give you cancer in places the government hasn’t even discovered. When I thought about all the funeral homes in my community with high levels of formaldehyde I thought about the high levels of cancer in our communities. I find it crazy that we don’t have watch groups in our community monitoring the government. We have had Crack, Aids, Homosexuality and worst of all ignorance forced on us by our government and still we trust them.

I don’t trust this government because we have so many alternatives to vaccinations but they don’t speak of them or promote them. I don’t trust the President talking about health care because he is not trying to revolutionize he is trying to reform the plan and that is not good enough. We have to think outside of the box. I want to see the President start talking about alternative medicine and then I will start believing he is not a part of the same club that Bush is a part of. I have to admit at the moment I can’t tell we have a new president. When the government starts to talk about alternative medicine, then you will know they are seriously concerned about your health. Getting companies to do studies to find more medicine and vaccinations reminds me of another Chris Rock adventure. I like when he said “The money is in the medicine not the cure. We haven’t found a cure for nothing since polio.”

The main thing I suggest you do is; first, make sure you have at least a 30 day supply of food in your home in case you have to spend a long period of time isolated in your home. I then suggest you start taking Vitamin D, Echinacea, Goldenseal, B-12 and have some Pau D Arco on hand for major outbreaks. I suggest getting acquainted with the chiropractor’s office and start to get adjustments to boost your immune system. My last, but not least suggestion, would be for you to investigate everything the government is saying about mandatory shots or pills. I would like to leave you all with one of my favorite quotes, “It is useless to administer a powder, potion, or pill to the stomach when the body needs an adjustment.” Until truth prevails my eyes will be watching.



  • Tammy Overstreet, Polk county crime examiner 5 years ago

    I don't trust the FDA either, I have never in my life taken a flu shot and I don't intend to start now. Many parents think that their children must have flu shots to attend school, this is untrue, if you spiritually object to the vaccinations, your chid will not have to take them. I notice we now have a recommendation for girls to take a vaccination to protect against HPV, this vaccination is one of the biggest crocks ever!
    Chris Rock hit it right on when he said the money is in the medicine, not the cure!

  • Tyronne 5 years ago

    Man what da hell you be smokin' bru you buggin' yo!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    I thought I was the only one in the universe that thought this thing out with history, question as to why not talk about the ntural herb alternatives, and afraid of what might be came from the out come from these shots. In fact I ask my children's doctor what is in the shot and she said dead flu cells. I told her no thanks. Why not a mega dose of vitumin and herbs. Hmmm!!! Thank you for helping me feel that I am not along. Thanks!

  • reader 5 years ago

    I believe an African had sex with a green monkey, contracted aids and then passed it on to a gay airline flight attendant who spread it throughout the world.
    Also, as an aside, according to Rev Wright, the government injected the Tuskegee participants with syphillis, when in reality they only withheld the then experimental treatment.
    Would you have us believe that they could not find any one with preexisting vd in rural alabama in the '30's or whenever it was.