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Are Floridians ready to elect a Libertarian Attorney General?

Tallahassee attorney Bill Wohlsifer believes Floridians are ready to elect a Libertarian Attorney General.
Tallahassee attorney Bill Wohlsifer believes Floridians are ready to elect a Libertarian Attorney General.
Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General

Florida’s first Libertarian candidate for attorney general, Bill Wohlsifer, polls at six percent, when compared to incumbent Pam Bondi and Democratic contender Perry Thurston. Six percent, combined with an additional twelve percent who reported as undecided, is a huge accomplishment for 59-year old Wohlsifer – a business law attorney from Tallahassee.

These poll results are even more impressive considering that this is Wohlsifer’s first race for public office, and that his campaign just launched shortly before Christmas 2013. Moreover, Pam Bondi, the incumbent Attorney General Wohlsifer wants to unseat, had raised $1,209,958 as of Jan. 31, 2014, compared to Wohlsifer’s donation total of $2,641 (also as of Jan. 31, 2014).

When Wohlsifer was asked how he expects to bring his campaign to victory on Nov. 4, 2014 using a shoestring budget, he replied:

The perception that the candidate with the most money wins is very damaging to our democratic process. Today’s candidates are raising ridiculous amounts of money, the majority of which is allocated to TV commercials that the general public finds annoying.

My campaign is based on principles, facts, common sense and law. I believe the voters will find it a refreshing change from rhetorical politics as usual. I put together a team of technical wizards and social media gurus that are preparing to spread the message of a liberty-conscious attorney general candidate utilizing an online media marketing plan at minimal costs.

We estimate that voter reach of my campaign will be accomplished at a cost comparison ratio of 100 to one, when compared to the wasteful campaign expenditures typically incurred by establishment candidates. In addition to the technical know how, everyone on my campaign team is a dedicated volunteer, working hard for no compensation.

Bill Wohlsifer currently serves as the Region Three Representative of the Libertarian Party of Florida. To learn more about his campaign for Attorney General, please visit his campaign website and Facebook page. For more information on the Libertarian Party of Florida, please visit the organization's website and Facebook page.

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