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Are ET's creating evil and destruction on Earth?

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Dear Readers, today I want to share some email correspondence I recently exchanged with someone who read my book, Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, and wrote to me with the following thoughts and questions. When I share an email like this, it is always anonymously, and only because I think the subject matter will benefit others. Here’s the email followed by my response:

Dear Sherri, I read your book Raising Vibrations and have a question for you. Per your spirit guides are there hostile races of ET's and if so is this planet under the control of a hostile race known as "reptoids.” There is way too much conflicting info coming from folks who have not been in contact with spirit guides and I need to know if the evil and destruction of this planet and humans is a threat from outside our planet or if we are victims of a mind parasite aka arkons or jin; another way to put it is this: is the evil that drives man within or an external threat? Really appreciate your response; Thank you.

Dear X: Thank you so much for reading Vibrations and thank you for taking the time to write this heartfelt letter. Here’s what’s been shared with me by my Guides:
The GG has been clear that while there have been and still are races from other planets and dimensions who visit this planet, we are not under anyone’s control. Planet Earth is a very important planet for what is quick learning on a soul level (although a single lifetime on Earth can seem like an eternity to those of us in body here) and the souls who incarnate here may well have incarnated on other planets and in other dimensions at different times according to their personal plans for experiences and growth. That means that we who are on planet Earth are universal souls, connected to many places, not just to this one. This just happens to be where we chose to be now, for this particular lifetime. They also tell me that there is no such thing as evil. Nearly everything that happens to us is planned by us (think windows of opportunity and relationship villains). There are times that the computer-like circuitry in someone’s head goes awry and that’s why we have murder, torture, and rape—those things are not planned. When these things happen, our Guides and Spirit task forces go to work to try and stop the individual who has run amok. Because they cannot directly interfere and must work through us, a fix can happen quickly or it can take a much longer time (i.e. how long it takes to catch a mass murder or win a war against someone like Hitler). There is also freewill which may interfere or change plans that we have made for ourselves…to answer your question with a direct opinion: I don’t think humankind is evil; I think this planet is such that it can seem that way, but it’s all an illusion here and things happen for reasons that we are not necessarily awake to while in body. I don’t believe that we are being controlled by anyone or anything other than the decisions we made for growth and learning as souls prior to coming into these bodies (although sometimes freewill or a short circuit may change things). For these reasons, I am an advocate of meditation and getting in touch with one’s Guides and Higher Self in order to find life scripts and windows of opportunity quickly so that we can get from them what we want to get from them earlier rather than later, and save ourselves a lot of drama and pain. I also think this prescription is easier said than done—it takes a lot work which is why most people aren’t willing to do it.

Dear Readers, this email from “X” is important because it provides me with a window of opportunity to discuss the fact that what often seems like evil may well be our carefully laid plans happening exactly as we planned them; it may be freewill on our part or on the part of someone else interfering with our plans; or it may be that someone’s brain has short-circuited in such a way that they are causing tragic and terrible things to happen that were not planned, things that we now have to deal with in addition to our original plans.

Direct communication with our Higher Self and our Guides will help us sort through the things that are going on in our lives, and direct communication is something that we all already enjoy; i.e., If you have gut feelings, which I’m sure you do, that’s your Higher Self talking to you, trying to help you make better decisions. Listening to our gut is a great way to begin conscious communication and to develop a waking partnership with our Higher Self.

Meditating with intent is a great way to get in touch with our Guides: when you sit down to meditate, announce to the universe that you EXPECT to have a message from your Guides or Higher Self. Listen, trust yourself, and as you start to hear or see those messages, don’t hesitate to ask questions about what’s coming through. And write it all down for future reference and contemplation.

This column is not meant to be a commercial for my books, but Spiritual Toolbox was written expressly to help folks establish conscious and direct communication with Spirit, and in it you will find many meditations and exercises from my guides and from six metaphysical professionals who provide easy-to-follow instructions and wisdom based on their personal experience. There are also many other wonderful books out there that will help you accomplish direct communication with Spirit—it comes down to the time we’re willing to put into developing this skill.

The main point I want to make today is that we are in control of our lives, and while glitches may/will occur which cause us to alter our well-laid plans, by being aware of what’s going on in our lives and taking the time to develop conscious connections to our Guides and Higher Self in order to better understand what’s happening with us, we will accomplish all we planned to accomplish, and with less drama and pain. Namaste.


Thank you for reading my column! Raising our Vibrations for the New Age and Spiritual Toolbox are available at, Barnes and, and



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