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Are Critics on Hyper PC Overload Over Ellen DeGeneres’ Liza Minnelli Oscar Joke?

When is a joke not a joke during the Oscars? It seems that when openly gay Ellen DeGeneres is in control of the Oscar Show many in the gay and transgender community did not expect her to unload on transgenders with a joke. But according to Fox News, DeGeneres set her remarks at Liza Minnelli with may have seemed an innocent reference to her gay and transgender supporters who have historically been her greatest admirers.

Liza Minnelli reacts to Ellen DeGeneres' transgender joke about her  2014 Academy Awards
Photo Credit - New York Daily News

But as the Academy Awards curtain went up the hilarity of the evening in Hollywood hit the floor for Ellen after she targeted Minnelli with what detractors are calling a ‘transphobic’ Liza Minnelli joke.

Her joke was:Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen,” DeGeneres said to the “Cabaret” star during her hosting duties. “Good job, sir.”

Sound pretty standard Oscar Night fare for a comedian who is attempting to get a rise out of the millions of viewers who more than likely forget the joke mere seconds after leaving The Oscar’s host’s lips. But after all this is still Hollywood and political correctness is at the core of the liberal elite who bathe in the fragrance of over-the-top lather.

So out came the slashing knives from all corners of the gay and lesbian community who wanted to offer up Ellen, a lesbian herself, on the altar of “Do as I say and no jokes allowed…not even mildly funny ones.”

As it turns out, Ellen was responsible for two twitter night blow ups. One where she and a few of her best Hollywood buds took a ‘selfie’ which shut Twitter down, and the other Twitter explosion that resulted from her gay joke.

Minnelli, herself, did not find much humor in Ellen’s joke and even claimed that it went on far too long. Others on Twitter were less kind, calling the talk show host, “transphobic, transmisogynist, and disrespectful,” according to Fox News.

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