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Are Corbett loyalists behind the Kane scandal leaks?

This week, I, like many Philadelphians, have been perplexed about Philadelphia politics. Four state representatives have been identified publicly, over a year after a dropped investigation, and just over a month away from primary elections, as unscrupulous individuals accepting illegal gifts and brides from an informant cleared of fraud charges by the Corbett administration. These four have only their primaries to worry about; they have no competition from Republicans in the Fall.

In the aftermath of the March 17, 2014, Philadelphia Inquirer article that broke the story, the Democratic Party in Philadelphia seems to be imploding. In the week after the story broke, there are articles in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania media about the story, responses to the story, all negative and many from prominent democrats.

People have started to talk about those that could have leaked this information. Rumors around PA suggest prosecutors of the reopened Sandusky case are the informants. Sandusky, who was a huge supporter of Corbett (Sanudusky’s Second Mile Foundation donated over half a million dollars to the first Corbett gubernatorial campaign), and who Corbett in turn supported immensely by failing in his investigation of, later proven, cases of serial child molestation committed by Sandusky. There were even reports Corbett’s association with Sandusky would ruin him considering he knew of the abuse allegations but continued to grant Second Mile millions of Pennsylvania’s tax payer dollars to allow Sandusky to remain surrounded by unsuspecting children, today he seeks another term.

Information about the case that Corbett was once very proud to pursue have been removed from the PA Attorney General Office’s website, but traces of why Tyron Ali was charged with fraud can be found online.

Is there a play on behalf of Corbett loyalists currently related to the Attorney General’s office and who leaked this information? These are key questions not being answered. The information of the case had to have been leaked by someone with close knowledge of the investigation and its hundred of hours of tapes, which the media has begun to post near transcriptions of. If the informant were concerned about the representation in Pennsylvania, and corruption in Philadelphia, why come out now, over a year after the case was dropped and Ali was pardoned from prosecution? The May primaries are only weeks away now. On May 20th, most of the representatives in the sting are up for re-election uncontested, either by their own party or a rival party. In such a strong Democrat holding in Pennsylvania, are Corbett loyalists trying to paint the picture of a man looking out for their best interest? Despite intentions, the Republican party is currently enjoying sitting by and watching the Democratic party in Philadelphia turn on itself.

A Tally of the Fraud

Tyron B. Ali – charges against him for defrauding Pennsylvania out of more than $400,000 meant to help needy children in a North Philadelphia Day Care Center along with civil suits against him for defrauding investors out of over $300,000 through his non-profit American Minority Credit Counseling Association.

Total amount accepted from Philadelphia State Representatives Identified in the sting: $16,650

The Race Card

Tyron B Ali’s defrauding history focuses on targeting minorities. The American Minority Credit Counseling Association clearly targeted minorities in their efforts, as it says it in their name. The childcare facility he operated in the Logan section of the city targeted defrauding poor and needy children. It seems that if any race card was played in the investigation- it was played by Ali himself.

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