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Are Colorado GOP Lawmakers Right in Moving To Pass Welfare For Weed Ban?

Welfare for Weed  Ban Law in Colorado being launched by GOP lawmakers
Welfare for Weed Ban Law in Colorado being launched by GOP lawmakers
Photo credit - Americans for Change

Getting high on the government dime is soon going to be a thing of the pass if Colorado GOP lawmakers get their way, according to Fox News. The republicans want to put an end to the practice of trading welfare benefits for getting high benefits weed offers those on the Colorado public welfare dole. If the president says weed is not all that harmful what are marijuana dispensaries supposed to do?

Well it seems almost ludicrous that Coloradans even have to ask the question about the legitimacy of any pronouncements that are uttered from Obama that go together with getting high and government enforcement.

Yet any notions that welfare recipients have about trading welfare for weed may soon be on lock down. On Monday Colorado Republican Reps. Dave Reichert, Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner are planning to introduce the “Preserving Welfare for Needs Not Weed Act” to prevent the misuse of food stamp funds, reports Fox News.

According to growing reports around the state that welfare users have been utilizing their welfare debit cards to take money out of marijuana dispensaries at their ATMs, the need for greater enforcement became necessary. The primary purpose for the bill is to stop use of the ATM as weed machines for welfare by adding pot dispensaries or “drug stores,” no pun intended to list of locations where welfare EBT (electronic benefits transfer) cards are locked out for use of this illegal purpose.

While some proponents of the use of welfare for weed transactions may feel that the state is targeting these ‘helpless poor,’ perhaps they should consider that the less weed they smoke the better prepared they will be able to look for a job.

In addition the problem is not so teeny tiny either. A report by National Review Online suggested that the welfare benefit amounts withdrawn were averaging $85 a pop or a little more than 20 percent of their actual monthly benefits. In addition, a casual perusal of weed shops, by television station KDVR found 19 of them allowing welfare benefits for weed inside their pot shops in January, according to Fox News.

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