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Are Colorado college campuses becoming destination for student pot heads?

Come on you knew that it was the next shoe to job in Colorado. When weed was legalized in the state, the next logical step for college students turned on by the idea of getting high in class and literally around the clock legally was to make a beeline to Colorado colleges. According to Fox News the news for parents is definitely not good, because, “colleges and universities have seen a dramatic jump in applications, including from out of state, following the legalization of marijuana.”

Are Colorado College Campuses Becoming Mecca For Student Pot Heads
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So it is not enough that parents have to question whether their college bound kids are going to be getting a ahead in the college courses as much as if they will be getting a steady hit on Mary Jane. Yet, many college officials are attempting to downplay the sudden burst in college applications at state colleges.

Instead these administrators are pointing to the many fine formerly undiscovered educational attributes that are offered at the blue sky state. Right! Their rationale can be likened to a house on fire and the neighbors are diverting attention of the firefighters by pointing to a flock of geese or a beautiful garden. Anyone believing it?

It’s time to real about the 30 percent jump in college applications at the University of Colorado. Kevin MacLennan the Director of Admissions for the college commented to Fox News that, “We aren’t getting a lot of questions about this,” MacLennan said, referring to the new law.” So he is going to go with that story, which he couples with the increased recruitment effort he commented has been launched to explain the increase too.

But reality has to creep into this scenario as well, because students who want an education and a recreational high that is legal everywhere in the state has possibly only one question on his or her mind: “Oh my god, you can smoke legally?” reported Fox News.

Parents on the other hand who are paying the tuition freight on their child’s college education may begin to avoid Colorado schools like the plague. Even some of the students at Colorado schools claim that part of the unique draw of the state schools is the legal pot use. Kathryn Krempasky, a senior at University of Colorado agreed with the premise that legal pot smoking is a draw. “Some of the kids I’ve talked to back home think it’s a big deal,” reported Fox News.

So parents you might be considering helping with the packing and especially be on the lookout for excessive packs of weed wrapping papers and the weed bongs too!

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