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Are Cedric Lee & Deniece Cornejo using their connections against Vhong Navarro?

Cedric Lee, Vhong Navarro
Cedric Lee, Vhong Navarro
video screenshot

The fans and supporters are demoralized this evening, March, 23, 2014 because until now Vhong Navarro is still not getting any favorable decision from the court but despite the issue, many of them are happy because he is back. After two months, Vhong Navarro, the It's Showtime host who suffered serious injuries due to a mauling incident in Forbeswood Heights Condominium last Jan. 22 involving Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and his men, is back in the business.

A report from confirmed that aside from his daily appearance on It's Showtime, he is also doing a comedy movie with Solenn Heusaff. Undoubtedly, he is hitting two birds with one stone and the good news is, Vhong is enjoying his hosting job on It's Showtime, a very popular noon time variety show in the Philippines which airs on ABS-CBN from Monday through Saturday while doing a movie with a very sexy and hot Solenn.

But despite his enjoyment, Vhong Navarro is still afraid of his life especially his family. In an interview with the local media before he went out and joined his-co host on the show, he mentioned that even though the cases are already been filed, he is still afraid because all the accused are still free.

A week ago, Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo with the help of their lawyer Atty. Howard Calleja, one of the brilliant lawyers in the country today have elevated the case to the Court of Appeals. Based on the report, they want to stop the hearings being conducted by the three-man panel of the Department of Justice.

Their decision to elevate the case to the appellate court has become one of the hottest topics online just minutes after the report came out. According to the netizens who are following the case, Cedric is now using his connections just to get a favorable decision, but for some observers, the businessman is just exercising his rights because he is doing legal actions.

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