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Are Catholic elites practicing Black Mass Child Sacrifice?

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"I saw the former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl″ stated a survivor of Black Mass rites to Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger, (Dutch Catholic Cardinal) Alfrink and (Bilderberger founder) Prince Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

There has been great reluctance to damage the reputation of the Holy See by reporting abuse of children by Catholic priests. Under a 1980s Vatican decree still in effect called the Crimen Sollicitationas, Catholics faced excommunication and even jail time if they reported abuse.

Yet, alleged Black Mass practices by Catholic elites appeared to endanger children. There were an estimated 9.9 million Catholic Priest sexual abuse victims across the globe, while 139 respondents to the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys said they were abused by at least one Catholic priest in connection with satanic rituals. According to survivors, Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Black Mass typically involved the murder of children.

Annett was gathering evidence for a 2014 International Common Law Court case against the Vatican that alleged the Catholic elite performed child sacrifices in Black Mass ceremonies. The 28 Oct. 2013 allegations confirmed what Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis told Annett a few months prior. Toos claimed that as a child she also was forced to witness child murders that involved Ratzinger, Alfrink and Bernhard:

Annett may have a point. Even after a UN request the Vatican has yet to release information on Catholic priests accused of abusing child victims. If the Holy See's internal investigation of their sex abuse scandal became public it likely wouldn't include homicide cases. Several reported their witness to Catholic nuns and priests killing newborns - information that has never been heard in a court room.

"There were babies born. Many were premature and I knew they were going to be murdered. The mother would snuff the life out of them" stated a former Catholic Nun. Entering a US convent at age 14, her attempted escapes were futile. Among other abuses she was locked in a casket for 9 hours, hung by her wrists for days and deprived of food and water. She stated, "I became a mechanical human being belonging to Rome. "

Last Feb. Pope Ratzinger resigned from his office just as a Brussels International Court found him and 29 other global elites guilty in the ITCCS case of 50,000 missing native Canadian children. "We are preparing several International Common Law Court cases for 2014," stated Annett in a recent phone interview. "One is in New York on Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church."

Cases of murdered children without protective guardians seldom, if ever, made it to court. An example was when a Catholic Jesuit priest was said to bury a newborn alive beneath the boards of his St. Mary's Mission-School near Omack Washington. Jesuits ran native residential schools in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Alaska before being shut down by a lawsuit.

Another was on October 3,1997. With a growing number of witnesses describing children dying, or even witnessing murders at the Alberni Canada Catholic residential school, Constable Gerry Peters said, "We could never investigate all the deaths of students at the school. It would be too huge an investigation."

The Jesuit priests who ran native residential schools in the US are a 500 year-old Roman Catholic military order. They believed they could commit any criminal immoral or sinful act without staining their souls. The Jesuits evidently didn't feel they "stained their souls" in the US residential schools case. Jesuits avoided facing homicide charges, plus their 500 child abuse victim-witnesses, by coming up with $166 million in the largest settlement so far of the Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal.

Another homicide by Catholic priests and nuns helped convict Ratzinger. Part of the evidence presented at the ITCCS 2013 Common Law Court was the testimony of Irene Favel: "They threw that little baby in the furnace and burned it alive," the age 75 said while explaining her tortured childhood at the Catholic Indian residential school in Muscowequan Saskatchewan, Canada. "All you could hear was this little cry, like “Uuh!”, and that was it. You could smell that flesh cooking."

Favel's school was one of 80 run by the Canadian government and mainly Catholic Church. Since 2008 mass child grave sites numbering 29 have been discovered on Canadian native residential school grounds. Annett was refused permission for excavation of the mass graves, even after his successful 50,000 missing children court case convicted Ratzinger and 29 other global elites.

A genocide that realized no legal interest was reported in the Dec. 5 2013 Alberni Valley News. Survivors of the mainly Catholic-run institutions of the 50,000 missing children also claimed sexual and physical abuse by staff including forced participation in illegal US-Canadian government-run human experiments. More than 1,300 Alberni residential school children were found to be subjects in decade-long tests on the effects of malnutrition on children. “We used to trade marbles for leftover food,” a survivor said. “Hungry. I’ll always remember having been so hungry.”

In the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys 513 respondents described their experience as both ritual abuse and mind control. Catholic Jesuit Priests or "Illuminated Ones" such as those who abused over 500 children in their US Indian residential schools, appeared to be experts on mind-control. Jesuits were consultants to Hitler prior to and during World War II. Black Mass practices inherited from Babylonian-Egyptian style child sacrifices to the God Moloch were believed to be the roots of the CIA mind-control program. These illegal US human experiments on children were inherited from Hitler's concentration camps. They began in the 1950s with import into the US and Canada of Nazis trained in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Jenny Hill of Garden Grove California testified of such in her biography, "Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities" (Tate Publishing: Oklahoma, 2012). In this video Hill, a ritual abuse-mind-control survivor, discussed her 1965 June 21 Summer Solstice witness to a child sacrifice rite. It was overseen by a Nazi mind-control programmer allegedly brought into the US after the war by the CIA:

At least two Black Mass child sacrifice rites like Hill's were said to have taken place at Catholic headquarters in Rome. At the tender age of 12 "Svali" of San Diego County said she was taken into the catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a 3-4 year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer responded that 24 years prior, a "Maria" claimed to have witnessed another satanic murder rite in the Vatican Catacombs.

One Black Mass rite found a US court room. It was 26 years before Catholic Rev. Gerald Robinson was convicted of creating a demonic stab pattern over the heart of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. He murdered the nun in the chapel sacristy on the Holy Saturday before Easter, 1980. Investigators reopened the murder case when looking into child sex abuse allegations against Toledo Catholic priests.

Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio, who publicized that he promoted measures to protect minors, ignored a UN panel Dec. 2013 deadline to report the role of the Church in child trafficking. Pope Bergoglio remained harboring Ratzinger at the Vatican while refusing to give the UN Committee on Rights of the Child details on the Catholic Church's investigation and handling of clerical sex abuse cases.

What could be done?

"We are preparing several common law court actions," stated Mr. Annett "and invite survivors to come forward with their stories."

Information on Catholic abuse can be reported to advocates Kevin Annett's,,, Neil Brick's, or to,

Survivors of extreme abuse are asking for a Congressional investigation of CIA mind-control. They claim government programs are still accessing victims. You can sign the petition by clicking:

Annett documented thousands of pieces of evidence used in the 50,000 missing children case in "Hidden No Longer." The book can be read for free at: or



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