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Are businesses depending on Social Media or PR?

PR or social media for your business
PR or social media for your business
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A PR’s job is to build your reputation. Today they may need to build their status by being social media savvy. Though they may not all agree.

Is it enough to use social networks to build your business?

Today we have more ways to reach more people through the web and social media.

Civilizations used public relations in various ways throughout history to communicate with their subjects. Archeologists have found tablets from ancient times containing messages to disseminate information on numerous subjects.

Societies communicated with other societies through forms of newsletters. Philosophers expressed their current ideas and churches influenced by persuasive writings.

During war time, countries used propaganda to convince their citizens to support their cause. While propaganda can distort the truth, public relations seek to present the truth in the best possible light.

Businesses, Chambers of commerce, universities, hospitals, celebrities and authors have a website. Your fingers do the walking on a keyboard now. You can view what each business is about and even get map directions to their place of business.

Alabama’s Governor, Senators and several House Representatives use social media to help you learn who they are and get their message out.

Most businesses today have a website and a Twitter page and/or Facebook page. Some go further also using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. These are but a few among many others.

As noted on Forbes, strategy in using social media takes careful analysis and involves a lot of work; work that requires experience and strong communication skills.

There are many types of businesses and not all need the same media platforms or have the same target customer. Artists do not address the same issues as a manufacturing company.

The multifaceted social networking does take an introduction to learn how each platform works. More than that, it takes knowledge how to use social media correctly and what to guard against.

A PR consultant knows the target market, knows how to make an effective press release, helps build your company’s image, can put you in a positive light and take care of crisis management for you when you get a negative review or run into difficulty.

Building strong relationships with your customer and building your business requires knowledge in all areas of media coverage. PR is about you and your business and the best possible way to grow it. Social media is only part of it.

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