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Are bladder control commercials lying to you?

This is a subject that no one wants to discuss- pee coming out unexpectedly. Are the commercials for bladder control like putting a finger in the dike only to deliver more drugs with side effects worse than the problem?

A sneeze, cough or laughter can create a leak. This condition is known as urinary incontinence.

The real embarrassment comes from a strong odor. Drinking water will decrease concentrated urine, the darker the urine the greater the smell.

There are internal deodorant tablets on the market but check with your healthcare provider about this option. Vitamin C and citrus juice has been a natural choice but it is acidic and too much can actually change the chemical balance of your urine.

Tips to stay in control:
1. After you pee, wait 5 seconds and pee again which will empty your residual urine reserve in your bladder.
2. Do some kegels. Kegels are done to reduce urinary incontinence which is when you cannot contain your urine. These are known as pelvic floor exercises. It consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles on the bottom of your pelvis voluntarily.
3. Give your pelvic muscles and ligaments a rest by lifting your pelvis slightly with a couple pillows under your bottom while relaxing on your back for 20 minutes a day. This is an anti-gravity position.
4. Take a bathroom break before you laugh, sneeze, cough or sleep.

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