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Are black-eyed kids extraterrestrial beings? Part 2

Paranormal investigator and author David Weatherly wrote a book entitled Black Eyed Children, in which he noted that many people believe black-eyed kids (BEKs) are actually extraterrestrial beings.

David Weatherly’s book entitled Black Eyed Children presents cases of supposed run-ins with these strange beings.
Book Cover

In his book Weatherly includes incidents involving BEKs that have occurred worldwide and according to him, there have been thousands of them.. In an interview with Sott Talk Radio he said, “Theories to explain the BEKs range from alien hybrids, ghost or demonic beings, to tricksters or thought forms. Since we don't have one to study, it's likely such theories will continue to grow.”

Weatherly wrote that it could be that these children are wearing dark contact lenses. However, going back to to the mid-'90s, these were not available. Secondly, he noted lenses that cover the entire eye would be extremely uncomfortable.

Today, there are two types of black lenses available:

Black iris lens
Black sclera lens

Teenagers in particular, might get a real kick out of frightening people. However, one has to wonder what would happen if someone actually let BEKs in. Speculation abounds that these children would either steal your soul or out-and-out kill you. No one has posted a credible story saying that they let them in and survived. Perhaps they didn’t!

Stories about BEKs began to surface on the Internet after Brian Bethel did in 1996 and now can be found on many paranormal-related sites. It is likely that this phenomenon is the product of some people’s imagination and not something that actually happens in the real world.

Either that or aliens have discovered a unique means of making contact by showing themselves in this strange way, as Weatherly suggested.

“It is in fact, one of the most popular explanations for the kids. Abductees have at times had encounters with black-eyed children both during and after their abduction experiences.”

He added that some people who have run into the BEKs have also seen UFOs.

“This is data that is still being gathered and explored.”

And one has to wonder what would happen if someone actually let BEKs come in. Weatherly noted that there are few stories of this but included one in his book in which a 10-year-old boy did let them in.

“The result was not pleasant for the family, and led to an accident and a long illness,” he said. “Fortunately, all parties recovered in this case and they are healthy to this day.“

Be sure to listen to the video on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio show presented with this story. Strieber invited Weatherly on to talk about the black-eyed children because he also had an experience with them.

David Weatherly’s Book on

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