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Are Bigfoot's real or just a myth? BFRO researcher Ron Boles says REAL!

Ron Boles
Ron Boles

When I spoke with Ron Boles of the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) about Bigfoot, I heard a very convincing perspective from a person who claims to have seen two of them. People have been reporting Bigfoot sightings for literally hundreds of years. All cultures over generations have reported seeing them, they just have different names for them. Some call them Bigfoot, some call them Sasquatch, some call them Yeti. Folks down in Florida call them the Skunk Apes.

Skeptics often ask why nobody has ever recovered a Bigfoot, either dead or alive. It's a fair question, one that Ron Boles gets frequently. According to Boles, there are approximately 10,000 Bigfoot's that habitat on North American soil. Initially someone may think that 10,000 is a big number. It would be if we were talking about one state, but we are talking about the entire North American continent. Boles answers the question with a question, “How many documented cases of recovered dead bears, or dead deer are reported?” The food chain in the wild would have no issues eating a dead Bigfoot, just like they wouldn't have a problem eating a dead deer, or a dead bear. Is Bigfoot intelligent enough to bury their dead? Maybe.

Is it possible that Bigfoot is a myth? Sure it's possible, but I don't think that it's probable. I don't think that every person on earth that reports seeing one of these creatures is lying. Sure, there are many reports that turn out to be hoax jobs, but as Ron Boles says, “We go into each report with the mindset of debunking the report.”

Bigfoot researchers believe that these creatures travel in packs, and are very intelligent. Boles used the example of a gorilla named “Coco” that is in captivity that was taught to speak sign language. This gorilla has the sign language intelligence of a 12 year old. Boles suggests that if Bigfoot is twice the size of a gorilla, so must his brain be. Meaning, a really intelligent animal.

People of all walks of life have reported seeing a Bigfoot. Doctors, lawyers, you name it. It's the same thing in the UFO field, and in the Ghost Hunting field. Things get reported by some very credible people. Can all of them be lying? Doubtful.

Matt Moneymaker, the leading and most well known Bigfoot researcher in the world currently heads up a TV show called “Finding Bigfoot” which can be seen on the Animal Planet channel. When his team goes into an investigation, they call a town hall type meeting and listen to the people of the area who claimed to have witnessed Bigfoot. Moneymaker tirelessly travels the world in search of Bigfoot, and one day his hard work very well may pay off. The team sifts through what each town person tells them, and researches the ones that are the most credible.

Many who claim to have witnessed a Bigfoot report that an awful smell accompanies the sighting. Boles compared the smell to fermented vomit. Boles says, “Smells are not unusual among primates. If the males believe that their territory is being intruded upon, they will emit an odor purposely to let you know that you're on their territory.”

Bigfoot, so far, has eluded capture. Most researchers will tell you that they do not want to actually capture a Bigfoot, they just want to document one and be able to prove their existence. There are photos of them, but most are not definitive. There's some video of them too, but mostly not very definitive either. Does this mean that Bigfoot is a myth? No it doesn't. It simply means that if Bigfoot's do exist, they are very elusive.

Bigfoot is a fascinating topic. It has it's share of skeptics, and it has it's share of true believers. One day perhaps we can put this all to rest and have the truth one way or the other.


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