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Are big cities worse for single guys?

Seattle's no good for single guys
Seattle's no good for single guys portibal

A recent blog post by a Seattle resident has sparked quite the debate among the single community there. He’s an Amazon employee, a company which has grown tremendously and employs 25,000 employees, up from only 5,000 in 2010, and almost 75% are male.

Amazon isn’t the only company with such a high percentage of male employees. Most tech companies, including Microsoft, hire about the same percentage of male employees.

“Where are all the women?” the blogger asks. He details through graphs and charts the growth of the company, the employee ratio, and the decline in dating opportunities. Specifically online dating opportunities.

He hasn’t been able to meet too many single ladies.

I hear a lot of people complain about the L.A. dating scene and its female-heavy stereotype. But rest assured, L.A. is one of the few cities where there is an almost equal ratio of single men and women. This means more opportunity and a bigger dating pool for everyone.

So what do single men do when they live in a city where they can’t meet as many women as they’d like? San Francisco was cited in the blog as well as Seattle, so I imagine Silicon Valley has a similar dating dilemma.

How about encouraging more women to pursue tech careers, so that they are hired in more equal numbers?

Maybe that’s a few years away, but college students take note – maybe it’s time to reverse those gender stereotypes. It will even help your love life.

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