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Are believers suffering from an eclipse of the Son?

Blood Moon Phases © D. P Clarke
Blood Moon Phases © D. P Clarke
Blood Moon Phases © D. P Clarke

Early Tuesday morning this writer stood in a dark cul-de-sac at the end of a street in Cocoa, Fla. pointing a camera towards the heavens. Over an hour-long period between 2:15 and 3:15 a.m., a total eclipse of the Moon was photographed with a Canon PowerShot digital camera. Unfortunately, by the time the eclipse reached its final stage, there wasn’t enough light to film the effect. The end-result, referred to as a Blood Moon, will not be seen again until the year 2019.

What is an eclipse? An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and a full Moon line up so that the Moon or Earth passes through the others shadow. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's shadow crosses the Earth's surface. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow.

One can compare this natural phenomenon to the spiritual realm where this fallen, finite and fallible world can come between a believer and Jesus, the Son. What are some things that can eclipse a believer’s faith? Money is listed in Scripture as competing with God for ones affections. Specifically, it says they will love the one and hate the other. Another biggie is the lusts of the flesh. Whether in the form of escapist behavior through drugs, alcohol and feel good sex outside of marriage, they cast a shadow over our relationship with Him.

Another danger area is what is referred to as “the boastful pride of life.” This is when one remains in control of ones life even after surrendering it to God. Faith is scary and trust can be difficult when one comes to God bringing hurts the world has inflicted. However, trying to remain in control is an illusion. Surrender is the only option to lead a successful life in the Son.

Finally, anger and unforgiveness held against family, friends, co-workers and fellow believers will eclipse our relationship. Again, trust can be an issue. As far as forgiveness goes, the best option is to let go and trust God to deal with those who caused hurt.

Around the time Jesus died on the cross, there was a total eclipse of the Sun. “Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. Then the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was torn in two. And when Jesus had cried out with a loud vice, He said, ‘Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.’” (Luke 23:44-46 NKJV)

The God who created the Sun, Moon and Earth also does not want the Earth to eclipse the gift of His Son to the people who are created in His image. When the cares of this world try to press a believer into an eclipse, one can resist by trusting wholeheartedly in the One who promised He will never leave or forsake us.

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