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Are banks open President’s Day Monday 2014? Not all banks are closed Monday

Are banks open on President's Day 2014 Monday, Feb. 17?
Are banks open on President's Day 2014 Monday, Feb. 17?
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Are banks open on President’s Day Monday, Feb. 17? While Monday is a federal holiday and most banks will close to observe President’s Day, not all of the banks will close. They have the right to decide if they want to open or not, under the federal law. It may surprise people to learn that a few of the big banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are open on Monday and are operating under their normal Monday business hours during the President's Day holiday, according to on Feb. 14.

According to News on Feb. 14, most of the big name banks that are found nationwide are closed on Monday, Feb. 17. There are exceptions as some banks, like T.D. Bank, will remain open on President’s Day nationwide. Monroe Bank is also opened for the Monday holiday. Locally banks may just open their drive-thru windows. Peoples Bank in Missouri has a location that is opened for drive-thru customers on Feb. 17.

The federal law states that “each bank can decide which holidays it wants to observe,” according to an archived article from They also say that U.S. Banks, which are often found inside supermarkets, will close for only four holidays a year and President’s Day is not one of them. They close New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the holidays these in-store banks remain open.

Kentucky's Citizen Union Bank will close, except for a location inside of Walmart in Shelbyville. You will find that banks are opening selected locations across the nation on Monday, so it is best to check with your individual bank, you may be surprised.

It is best to check with your own bank, while they may not have all their locations open, some may remain open for a short period of time, especially if your bank has a branch in a local supermarket. Times are changing and banks are doing their best to change their hours around their customers' needs today. The era of the 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, five-days a week banker hours are waning, with some banks now open seven days a week and on holidays.

Here are a few of the banks that will be open:


Wells Fargo

TD Bank

Monroe Bank

SunTrust (In-store locations only)

PNC Bank (Inside supermarkets only)

U.S. Bank (May have some branches open inside supermarkets)

Peoples drive-thru window in select locations.

Citizens Union Bank in Shelbyville, Kentucky Walmart

Banks that are closed:

According to the website, here are the bigger nationwide banks that will close all their locations on Monday Feb. 17 for President's Day 2014:

Bank of America



Capital One

U.S. Bank (may have some branches open in supermarkets)

Federal Reserve


Regions Bank


BBVA Compass

Fifth Third

JP Morgan Chase

Northern Trust

These are just a few of the banks that are closed, many more will also remain closed for the federal holiday Monday.

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