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Are audiobooks the unconventional Summer escape?

The warm weather months have arrived. If you are one of those people who are looking for ways to mix up your summer routine, enrich your staycation, or make your way through your summer reading list – try audiobooks!

Playaway audiobooks

Portable, available in many different formats, and FREE at the library, audiobooks are the perfect warm weather companion. And, because of their rising popularity, many audiobooks are now releasing simultaneously with print. So, you can listen whether your reading list contains new releases, best sellers, or the classics.

Here are 5 convenient times to start listening this summer:

1. During your daily commute.
It’d be nice if the term summer vacation applied even after college, but for many of us responsibilities continue to pile on even as the sun beats down. Since this often means spending a great deal of time in our cars commuting to work, running errands, and transporting our families from here to there, audiobooks are an easy way to make that drive time more fulfilling. See how quickly you listen your way through a popular trilogy or challenge yourself to pick up a new language on-the go.

2. While walking with friends (or your kids).
Combine two popular social activities and start a walking book club. Walk together and listen one day during the week, then walk a second day and talk about the book. You’ll burn some extra calories and create some meaningful dialogue along the way.

3. On the sidelines.
If you have kids, you know sports schedules really kick into high gear during the summer months. While you are sunning on the sidelines during practices, press play on an audiobook. You can still watch your kids (which will mean a lot to them) and do a little something for yourself at the same time.

4. On road trips with the family.
Crossing state lines with the entire family in tow? Pick a book you can all enjoy and turn up the volume on the car speakers. It’s a meaningful way to share a book together, spur conversation and make the drive time fly by. Plus, it’s a great way for the kids to get their summer reading started.

5. While cleaning up around the house.
Washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping the floors – we all have to devote some time to household chores even when the sun is shining and we’d rather be outside. Add an audiobook to the mix and you can do what you have to do, with a little distraction from captivating narration. This could work to motivate kids as they work through their chores as well. Combining their summer reading list with clean-up time means they are freeing up some extra minutes for carefree summer fun!

If you are new to audiobooks and want a simple way to get started, visit your library especially Enoch Pratt Free Library for locals in Baltimore and borrow a Playaway all-in-one audiobook. Playaways are pre-loaded with an entire audiobook and fit easily in your pocket for listening on the go. All you’ll need to do is plug in your ear buds and enjoy.

Be sure to check out the attached video that examines an computer app that turns, "websites into an audio book."

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